Channelled Messages Spam Filter?

Recently at work I’ve been enjoying the convenience of the new Trend Anti-Spam program. My Google account has a pretty good built in Spam filter also. Neither though managed to stop this one, a channelled message from Merlin (or at least his ‘spirit’) – sent to me by a well meaning friend. I found the online version in exactly 11 seconds, which goes to show that, like all the Viagra emails we get, if you actually WANT these products you don’t need emails to help you find them.

I find it kinda ironic that I am receiving Spam emails of channelled messages. It seems to me that most of the ‘channels’ out there could do with a psychic ‘Spam filter’ themselves. This would hopefully stop all the crap before it entered the channel’s subconscious and we would only ever hear about the sensible stuff.

It is not that I don’t like spiritual messages being sent to me. It’s just that most of them are like this one – vapid, repetitious feel-good panaceas without any substance. At the end of the message we may feel a little lighter but there is no real spiritual wisdom anywhere to be found.

This one is typical; talking about the process of ‘Decension’ whereby the Higher Self is apparently descending into the incarnate consciousness of lots of people at present. Many of the people this is happening to are not, however, fully aware of what is happening to them. Merlin handily though gives us a big list of symptoms to spot if we are a ‘descender’. These include aches, emotional upsets, depression, physical abnormalities, tiredness, anxiety, fear and a whole load of others. Merlin also sagely advises:

“You will recognise yourself amongst these sentences, these lines, this description, you will awaken to the truth that you are one of those of whom we speak.”

I’m not surprised since his list of symptoms includes just about everyone in the human race.

The whole phenomenon of ‘channelling’ is interesting to me for many reasons, but mainly for the psychology of the people who regularly attend and pay money to hear such material. I’ve known a fair few over my years and most of them are not, as I first expected, as dumb as Cletus the Slack-Jawed Yokel. Lots of them are very intelligent, compassionate and clear minded. But still I can’t see what they get out of messages like these. Obviously a lot of it is the exotic nature of the purported sources of the messages. If an idea is expounded by ‘the Spirit of Merlin’ or an ‘Ascended Master from Sirius’ it often makes more of an impression than if I simply talk about it, or even if it is read it in traditional scripture like the Bible.

A few years back a wonderful friend of mine died and was quickly ‘channelled’ by someone. In life Vivienne was amazing and intelligent and wonderful and unique. In death however, her supposed messages sounded exactly like any other channelled baloney. If it really was ‘her’, I wonder why she would repeat such crap (and how to avoid the same post-mortem dumbing-down process myself). I wonder why anyone would even begin to assume it was her, when she was so different ‘dead’ to alive.

Of course, the esoteric traditions do have such a psychic Spam filter – all ‘received’ messages and inner beings are tested thoroughly before contact is established. I hope the idea catches on in the New Age.


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