Drugs, Spiritual Retreats and the Young.

The news of Heath Ledger’s tragic drug related death has naturally caused much sorrow here in Perth. The ongoing and heartbreaking issue of drugs and young people continues to plague us. Amid my sadness and concern for the young I have been heartened by an exchange of emails between myself and a young man who attended some of my spiritual work last year. He emailed seeking advice on a self directed spiritual retreat he plans to undertake upon completion of his studies.

Rather than ‘celebrate’ with alcohol, drugs or sex this young man will use the time between study and employment as time for spiritual contemplation and renewal. I think this is a wonderful decision. How different would our world be if every graduate did this? If, upon completing studies we took time out for spiritual renewal and thus gave space for the One to direct our career/vocational choices to benefit the world rather than just our bank balance.

I don’t have much to do with young people or students anymore. But I hope someone out there promotes this idea widely. I am not sure if such a thing could or should be formalized, but I am sure some youth workers or others with spiritual inclination and connections with the young could get something going. Go forth – and let me know 🙂


One comment

  1. Rachael · February 21, 2008

    “I don’t have much to do with young people or students anymore.”

    I perhaps am both a young(ish) person and a student, wouldn’t you say. :p

    I do agree though and often “celebrate” is synonymous with “the drinking of copious amounts of booze”. I’m definitely all for the downtime celebration, I mean look at the advantages of having a clear head the next day and the all important, not feeling sick.

    I like this idea, maybe it will catch on.

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