Chinese Suppression in Tibet

I started writing a post giving links to sites reporting the situation in Tibet. However, I’ve discovered Al Billings has beaten me to it, so I won’t reinvent the wheel.

I know there is a lot of repression and abuse in the world. And I don’t report on it all here (who would have time?). But Tibetan Buddhism and the few Tibetans I know hold a dear place in my heart. Also, to be considered (and i think this is quite objective) is that Tibet was one of the few contemporary cultures which placed spiritual pursuits in the mainstream. Traditionally there was nothing more respectable than becoming an accomplished monk or nun.

Tibetan Buddhism excelled (and still does) in the creation of paths and processes to bring about the state of Illumination or Enlightenment. Robert Thurman (dad of the renowned Uma) calls this an ‘enlightenment Engine’, which describes this aspect of the tradition well.

So, the protests and activism to retain Tibetan culture is also about protecting this unique, precious gift. Something, I imagine we would all like to protect 🙂


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