By Names and Images – November release

This is duplicating information on the new page (above), but there is no function for tags on New Pages (why, WordPress, why?). So here this is:

Today I received the closest possible confirmation date for the publication of my long delayed book on the Golden Dawn, By Names and Images: bringing the Golden Dawn to life. My excellent publisher, Thoth Publications (a veritable David amongst the Goliaths) has given the time frame of, I quote “November”. I have been waiting so long for this to occur, it hardly seems possible and I guess I will believe it when the book is in my hands.

But it is exciting news. Despite the years of delay, for the first time the Inner Workings of every major Golden Dawn ritual will be available in print. The vast majority of this material has been kept secret for years or existed only in the Oral tradition. It will remain to be seen how the magical and esoteric community reacts to the book – if at all ) As long as there is not any lurid, “Golden Dawn Secrets Revealed” hype, I will be happy. The book has been written solely to allow people already practicing the Golden Dawn ritual to do so more effectively, and thereby be blessed by the amazing spiritual blessings the rituals offer.

I will be updating this page, By Names and Images regularly (I hope) on updates to process of publication – including (when appropriate) how to buy the book – naturally ) In the meantime, feel free to email Thoth Publications and encourage the speedy publication. Really, after the delays I could have gone elsewhere, but Thoth is simply one of the most respected publishers, and Tom works very hard. The book will be there in Thoth’s catalogue amongst my sources of inspiration like Dion Fortune and Gareth Knight. I am all giddy inside.

For those interested, below is a synopsis of the book can be found on the new page By Names and Images.


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