Dr Christopher S. Hyatt – R.I.P.

I have only just come across this sad news, from February: Dr Christopher Hyatt, occultist, publisher of New Falcon Press and collaborator with Israel Regardie died on the 9th of February.

C.S. HyattHonestly, I always had mixed feelings about Dr Hyatt’s work – on the one hand he was a daring, insightful writer and on the other he flirted and advocated much which I consider inappropriate or down right dangerous. He also seemed to love making money and his publishing press found many ways to market material at the annoyance or expense of the reader.

However, his encouragement, support and publication of Israel Regardie’s revised Golden Dawn compilation, The Complete Golden Dawn System of Magic, deserves our respect and gratitude. Despite a poor editing job, the book revealed more of the GD tradition than the older version. Dr Hyatt’s early works, such as Undoing Yourself With Energized Meditation and Secrets of Western Tantra contain many gems and some of the most potent body based spiritual exercises outside of a formal Yoga tradition. Dr Hyatt was obviously a man of intelligence, vision and energy.

As a young student, over 20 years ago now when Falcon was just starting, I relished pretty much every new Falcon Press book, even ringing overseas to ensure a prompt arrival of Robert Anton Wilson’s Prometheus Rising. I also participated in the Golden Dawn correspondence course run by Falcon (with material from Pat Zalewski). All of this was, ultimately, through Dr Hyatt’s work. I am sure he will be sorely missed.



  1. Cormac · July 31, 2008

    Sad. But with the gifts he’s given and conveyed were never far off in the dark. Farewell.

  2. Kyzaghan · July 19

    His real name was Alan Ronald Miller. And everybody knows how he squandered the things Regardie left to him.

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