The Secret of the Grain

Secret of the GrainIt is rare we get an opportunity for two movies in a week, but with the lingering bad taste from the ugliness of Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead, we took advantage of the holidays and went for it. This time we chose very well, with the lovingly filmed and moving French movie, The Secret of the Grain.

One of the unsuspected beauties of this film is it’s portrayal of sexuality, from the base to the sublime, all within subtle motifs and a respectful treatment verging on reverence. Naturally any film or piece of popular culture portraying sex positive (and by that I do not just mean ‘sex is good’) sex sacred messages interests me, as this is a core mystery of many esoteric traditions.

Here is one of the best examples of this, showing (amongst other themes) how older men can nurture, honour and respect young women coming into their own sexuality in a safe manner, without breaking boundaries, sanctifying the sexual force. This is virtually unknown within Australian culture, and was wonderfully presented. The movie also includes one of the best belly dances you’ll ever see. Definitely well worth seeing and pondering over. J


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