The End of Sexuality, Magic and Perversion

M and her two dogs stayed over this weekend, which is always glorious. However a late Saturday night meant we were not up early enough for the puppy. Bored and locked inside the house she naturally vented by way of her jaws. Previously she has gnawed a little on the bindings of The Complete Golden Dawn System of Magic and The Magical Tarot of the Golden Dawn (original ‘home made’ spiral binding). This weekend it was the turn of Francis X King’s rarity, Sexuality, Magic and Perversion and this time the binding wasn’t enough 🙂

This was one of the first books I acquired after discovering the ‘occult’ as a teenager, and certainly the first on the interface of magic and sex.

I responded to a classified ad by a Wiccan who was disposing of her collection. Not yet having a driving license a friend drove me across town, informing me half way he was tripping on LSD. So my first meeting of a self declared ‘Witch’ was tinged with concern about getting home in one piece. Her collection though was fabulous with many (then) out of print titles like The Golden Dawn and I purchased the lot.

Sexuality, Magic and Perversion was heavy stuff for a repressed and nerdy teenager. Its combination of sensationalism (the first chapter is entitled ‘A Dildo for a Witch’) and scholarly research was unique for its time. However, despite all this, it did reinforce my already developing instinct of the sacred and sacramental nature of sexuality. So, it is a sad end for such a book. I am not even sure if it is in print anymore, though I think I did see a scanned version on the web years back. Any clues would be very much appreciated 🙂


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