The Golden Dawn Presence in Cyber Space

I have recently had the chance and opportunity to go cavorting around the Blogs. This started by discovering a good Golden Dawn blog, Mishkan ha Echad on which I have been commenting on the topic of self initiation. Anyway, this led me to various links and a veritable surfing of much which is currently out there. My “discoveries” are not at all salubrious. Out of the many GD or magical blogs out there, there are some recurring themes. For instance, most Blogs are run largely by linearly intelligent young men:


  • Who are self-initiating (and often want to tell us why it is ok to do and how’s it all going).
  • Who often have at one time been part of some physical Order but left because (a) personality difficulties, (b) the leaders went mad, (c) they were sick of the politics, (d) the Order had no real teachings to offer or (e) they thought they knew better (often the case).
  • Who have very limited understanding of the Golden Dawn and RR et AC traditions.
  • Who often mix up Crowley’s work and the GD or consider Crowley a good representative of the western magical traditions.
  • Who demonstrate an underlying or overt hatred of Christianity.
  • And who display little compassion and service to the world, the hallmarks of esoteric transformation.

Now, I knew the Golden Dawn situation was bad, but I had no idea it was this bad. I found plenty of speculation, astral and lower visions, much ego and some genuine searching, but little wisdom, effective teaching and careful guidance.

A few of the fundamental errors that are being bounced around out there concern:

  • Self-initiation – that it possible within the GD and RR et AC traditions, when it is not (though extended processes to achieve similar results are).
  • The Israel Regardie Compilations – that they are nearly exhaustive of the GD and RR et AC, when in fact they are simply the surface. The rest remains unpublished and secret.
  • Inner Workings of rituals and ceremonies – these are rating more of a mention than 20 years ago, but still they are rarely presented, taught or even considered.
  • Inner Plane Communications and visions – these often show fundamental mental problems a second year psych student could diagnose and are rarely tested effectively.
  • Sexual Magic – where do we start on this baby?

Magic of the Ordinary does not focus heavily on the GD/RR et AC (nor am I personally at present) nor is it essentially a teaching Blog, but I am beginning to wonder if I should put out more of the teachings and rituals I have been blessed to receive. Or at least make some counter posts to some of the mistaken horse pukey that is out there. Or would there be no point? Any thoughts?



  1. Dean Wilson · June 29, 2008

    Ave Peregrin,

    Good to see you!

    Although I am part of the Golden Dawn community, I have to admit that I have come to some of the same insalubrious conclusions that you have. Albeit, I would have to qualify that by saying I’ve seen the same thing in many of the main esoteric traditions out there at present, Thelema included.

    What I’ve noticed is that there are often two kinds of G.’.D.’. blog. One defending SI, and one condemning it. It’s almost like everyone’s permanently on red alert, which, as you can imagine, isn’t good for the students or the traditions. While I personally believe that SI is possible, I do, as you’ve seen in our discussion, qualify such by stating openly that there are problems with it. There are boons and banes with all three forms of initiation, and it’s better to understand them than trying to bend the facts to match our personal views.

    The Crowley and hatred of Christianity issues could potentially go hand in hand. Many people who like Crowley tend to have a very strong dislike of Christianity. It’s disappointing to see such Christianity-bashing, particularly when the Christian mythos is so useful for the aspiring magician. I don’t know why we have to throw out the entire Christian tradition just because we don’t agree with certain aspects of it. These people need to learn more about Gnosticism to open their eyes to the wider cope that Christianity has to offer.

    The sheer fact that Zalewski has published some material that Regardie didn’t have is enough to show that his book isn’t exhaustive. Indeed, when reading “What You Should Know About The Golden Dawn”, Regardie explicitly states that he left out the whole or part of three documents, including Book H (Westcott’s Enochian one). We can often find these easily enough now, but only if we recognise they’re missing and look for them. At the end of the day, “The Golden Dawn” is not a bible.

    For the inner workings of the ceremonies, the early Z-documents will suffice to begin a student on the path. But why any genuine student wanting to really further their growth and understanding would not consult, at the very least, Zalewski’s material, is beyond me. I also understand that there is even more unpublished material, from the old Orders and more recent ones. This is one more “plus” on the side of belonging to an Order.

    Visions – there’s usually a reason why most magickal work is left ’til AM level, and you’ve touched upon this here. Most people think that just because they get a vision that it actually means something, that it isn’t just a projection from their subconscious. This is why magickal testing is so vital. The amount of times I hear people suggesting to read some of the Enochian Calls and then they’ll get a vision is really irritating. The Virtue of Malkuth really needs to be employed more.

    Sex magick… where DO we start? 😉

    Personally, I would be very happy to see you post on Golden Dawn topics. I enjoyed our discourse (as well as that with Tony), and I believe I can learn from you and others. Indeed, at least it will offer a valuable resource for prospective students, compared to the erroneous information that is often displayed out there. So, if nothing else, you’ve got one eagre reader!



  2. Peregrin · June 30, 2008

    Hi Dean,

    thanks for your comments and your own blog 🙂

    I agree the promotion of the Christian Gnostic thought and ideas would be a great antidote to the intellectual justification of knee-jerk responses to esoteric Christianity. Once someone has a good understanding of the beauty and presence of traditional Christian Gnosticism they can never view Christianity the same again.

    Pat (Zalewski) has produced some interesting books for sure. However, the material he presents is still not the inner material i am referring to too. A clear example of this can be found in the Zelator Z-5 book where Pat gives a raft of new Godforms but not the three crucial ones assumed by the HHH officers.

    That said, Pat has to be commended and thanked for all his work, and on the occasions we have communicated he has always been polite, helpful and very generous.

    However, the inner material can be found in some Orders have links (if not direct lineage) to pre GD Book days. Sadly much of this cannot be shared outside the Order because of Oaths.

    The Z documents themselves are quite opaque to new and even not so new students. They are best understood by actually working them through as part of an actual initiation -before using the formulae in Z2. Reams could be written expanding and explaining the Z 🙂

    Well said about the Virtue of Malkuth (discrimination) 🙂

    Sexual Magic – well, we DON”T start is the obvious answer 🙂

    Peregrin 🙂

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  4. darktcmdoc · July 1, 2008

    Hello Dean,

    Is there any reasonably serious (in the style of Aura Paper XXIII) Golden Dawn papers on Sex Magic that were not written by Crowley or any of his disciples ?


  5. Peregrin · July 1, 2008

    Hello doc,

    I am sure Dean will respond as he can, for now I would just like to give it a go 🙂

    A simple answer, no. Sexual Magic was never part of the GD/RR et AC curriculum in the original pre 1903 Order. So there are not RR et AC papers from the GD order on the topic.

    There is much made about a letter from Moina Mathers to Paul Foster Case making oblique references to sexual teachings and also to her censuring Dion Fortune for the material within Dion’s ‘Esoteric Philosophy of Love and Marriage’. However, we should be clear about two things. (1) this was the later AO (in the Outer), not the GD, and (2) there is little reason to suppose the material Moina refers to involves physical sexual practices at all. There are a great deal of polarity-sexual mysteries which are non-physical.

    All this said, there are latter RR et AC teachings for the 7=4 grade on the subject and practice.

    peregrin 🙂

  6. darktcmdoc · July 1, 2008

    Hello Peregrin,

    Thank you for your response. Although Golden Dawn teachings are not my specialty, I have a fairly large collection of relevant material and I did not find any clear references to sex magic either although Dion Fortune, as you say, did touch upon the subject.

    But then again, Dion Fortune is not specifically Golden Dawn.

    I am reviewing the Aura Paper XXIII and am somewhat curious on the root of it.


  7. darktcmdoc · July 1, 2008

    Hello Peregrin,

    I would like to address some of your opening remarks.

    The Israel Regardie Compilations; indeed there is unpublished material, some of it for sale… But even in the published material there are jems that one has to wonder what the original source was.

    For example the energy circulation diagram in one of Dr. regardie’s books is virtually identical to cutting edge research results in Medical Qigong.

    Sexual Magic; the place to start, IMO, is the purpose of sex and the dynamics involved on all levels. Orders who shunned these subjects ultimately had troubles related to sexual dynamics. What I find concerning is the popularity of books that describe techniques that more or less add up to sexual vampirism and all kinds of other ” mistaken horse pukey”.

    Speaking of which, “mistaken horse pukey” is indeed a difficult subject to deal with as it is “in the eye of the beholder”. On one hand, most of us are bound by obligations related to the teachings and applications that we have been intrusted with; on the other there are manifestations out there that are abominations even to the darkest doc.

    What I do is every now and then, I will meditate, get online and attempt to fix one mess. Leave energy with the fix and let it work itself through the system.


  8. Psyche · July 13, 2008

    I wonder at the purpose of these blogs? Are these personal journals of discovery, or are they attempting to reach new practitioners and guide them with their understanding of the Golden Dawn tradition?

    I understand that, in light of your comments above, you might be reluctant to specify which blogs you’re talking about, but I would interested in reading them to see how they approach the subject.

  9. Peregrin · July 13, 2008

    Hello Psyche,

    the purpose of the blogs vary from both the purposes you suggest to who knows? 🙂

    I am relcutant to name names. However, give yourself a few hours and start off at the links from : (which is NOT one of the ones i refer to, and is very good). Go to the links, follow the links on each new site and soon you will come across them. This is how i found them. of course, there is many good sites as well among these 🙂


  10. incompleteinfinity · April 13, 2009

    Hi Peregrin,

    As long as your counter-posts on other sites are done in the right spirit (which I do not doubt they would be) then they just might be of great service to someones spiritual unfoldment. I.e. it might be the difference of them continually going down rabbit holes so to speak!

    As to the purpose of these blogs as Psyche put it….. I see them as a personal journey of discovery AND as a teaching tool! A good teacher can’t help but teach and expound the knowledge and insight that resides in them. So please teach, teach, teach!!!!

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