Aura Paper VII – Life, Health and Disease

Here is another Aura Paper from the Cromlech Temple. Now, I’ve just spotted an article on the Cromlech Temple by Chic Cicero in the latest Hermetic Virtues Magazine . Unfortunately I cannot link directly to the article as the magazine costs money. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

Chic gives a good overview of the Orders activities and mentions a little on the Aura Papers, including the one I plonked up in this post, Aura 23, concerned with SEX. 🙂 I hope the little GoogleBots pick up that post as Chic, like many other people, looks forward to more of the material being made public…and of course Magic of the Ordinary is doing its part 🙂

I am hoping more Aura Papers and other Papers from the Cromlech Temple will follow as well as some Magical Church Society and RR et AC material. It is easy to dismiss the Aura Papers such as this one as dated, replaced by more sophisticated expositions. I did myself for a number of years. However, if one gets beyond the style and conventions used there is still much of interest in the papers for the practicing magician as well as the magical historian. In fact there are some hidden gems.

I have scanned in the original and also spent a few hours typing it into Word to make a PDF version. This is because i now know beyond a doubt that my original electronic versions done on a venerable Commodore 64 20 years ago are not readable anymore. Such is the karma for leaving it so long and storing vulnerable media in dubious places 😦

Anyway, the boring unformatted text is below – as i am not sure the GoogleBots crawl WordPress PDFs. The scanned paper  is here: aura7comp (this is large, 5MB), and the scanned text here: Aura VII Transcription. Enjoy or ignore as you will 🙂


Short Teachings on the Aura  VII.

By Frater ShMSh


Application of the foregoing

As to the Duplication of the Aura

The duplication of the Aura is the key to the elementary practical application of the Teachings of the Aura, especially as to Health and Disease. And it is from want of understanding of this that exoteric physicians stumble in the dark. Nevertheless this great key is now intentionally hidden from a faithless generation. So that even those physicians who know can do but little in works of healing, since their words will fall on deaf ears and their advice will not be followed. Those, however, who desire to do good for the sake of good and for the Lords of Light shall find many among the poor and the ignorant (too ignorant to be faithless) whose sickness they may alleviate, whose troubles they may soothe.

Thus, as has been previously said, one of the best and highest of our Adepti is labouring as a physician in an obscure town and great are the cures he performs – yet for the most part it is among the despised and rejected of men – for never shall he win fame or fortune in this generation, and he seeks it not.

Much, however, may be done, and those who desire worldly success may have it, if they believe and obey.

The Arabs, once the greatest physicians in the world, understood the duplication and worked accordingly, and thus many wonderful cures were effected. By a knowledge therefore also any person may cure himself. Now the first and elementary principles shall be set out, so that the beginnings of the knowledge of this key may be grasped before anything further is known.

Know then the Aura is essentially dual, as indeed are all created things; and in our elder symbology and symbols and diagrams this was represented by the figure of two spheres one within the other. (This was the true origin of the Chinese ivory balls, now cut as a toey, and whereof the Chinese themselves have for centuries lost the meaning. In fact, with the teachings of Buddhism, the more ancient and mystic teachings of the Sun Order were forgotten in China.)

The two spheres, however, is not an accurate representation of the double Aura – for the two sets of symbols are in fact intermingled with each other – neither is one nearer to the centre than the other. But the difference between them is this – when the one set of symbols, or one of the dual halves of the Aura, is vitalised, or any symbol pertaining thereto, the man is conscious thereof; but when a symbols from the other set is vitalised, he is not directly conscious thereof, but acts thereupon as though automatically.

From both sets of symbols there pass currents of vital force constituting what may be termed a vital field within the Aura – and from the symbols of the one half to the symbols of the other also these lines of force pass and re-pass.

Now there is no name in any language now spoken for these dual parts of the Aura. Because, as has been said, the knowledge of this key has been long hidden.

In the language of the Incas of Peru, the words used maybe freely translated “The Aura of the Actions of the Day” and “The Aura of the Dreams of the Night”.

Now bear in mind that when a symbol belonging to the latter class is vitalised, whether from within or without, the effect is precisely as has been described in former teachings as to the symbols of the Aura, save that the man is unconscious thereof, unless haply a symbol of the Aura of the Actions of the Day is also vitalised by a cross-current, and thereby ariseth a feeling the origin of which he is ignorant of.

Illustration:- Suppose a man in depression and gloom walks along the street, his mind concentrated on something he sees. Suddenly and without any outward cause his spirit is lightened – he thinks of woods and streams and sunshine – he is exhilarated, his depression vanishes. He says perhaps that some evil influence has passed away. Yet the cure may arise simply from the duality of the Aura thus – Far away and not consciously heard by him was played a tune last heard in boyhood in merry days by woods and streams. Thus the tune had been long forgotten, and so had the scenes associated therewith – that is to say the symbols had passed from the Aura of the Actions of the Day into the Aura of  Dreams of Night. Yet the unconsciously-heard melody vitalised the symbols whereof the man was unconscious, and these in turn vitalised symbols on the Aura of the Actions of the Day, which my reason of overstrain of the vital force lines pertaining thereto could not be directly vitalised, and these symbols tending to joyousness and youth commenced the process of cure.

The physician who has studied hypnotism will see therein the inner truths of cure by suggestion (which is in truth the beginning of the revelation to mankind of the duality of the Aura) and also will see its limitations, being as it were only a beginning.

Consider now the vital force lines – their symbols on the Aura are termed “nerves”, and though the only thing which really exists is a current of aetheric-magnetic force running in certain courses, yet symbolically they appear as tubes, and to the fully developed sight as tubes covered with symbolic figures, being in fact Auras within the Aura.

And of these “nerves” there are two systems, the one belonging to the Aura of the Actions of the Day, the other to the Aura of Dreams of the Night.

Now the secret of perfect health lieth in the maintenance of a perfect equilibrium between these two halves of the Aura. And in every living human being there is an equilibrating and harmonising force placed as it were between the two Auras whose function it is to reconcile the difference.

The knowledge and power of invoking and working with this force (which is sentient and intelligent) constitutes the science of healing.

In the blind groping after truth which sometimes attains a partial revelation, this force is sometimes  termed the Vis Medicatrix Naturae. Whenever this spirit of Equilibrium is disturbed or displaced by the over-exercise and preponderating functioning of one or other of the dual parts of the Aura, there occur the initial seeds of disease, and then symptoms which are known to the physicians as nervous irregularities are plainly marked, but for the most part are neglected.

By way of illustration, that this part of our subject be clearly understood, let us consider two well-marked and well-known examples of the over-exercise of the two parts of the Aura. First, taking the Aura of the Actions of the Day, and remembering that the lines of force of the symbols thereof are the physically well-known nerve system – which is in reality a system of Auras – and remembering that only a certain amount of vital force can be carried along these conducting lines – If then, by continuous vitalising of the symbols of this Aura, more force is driven along the conducting lines than they can bear, there must ensue an overvitalising of the symbols on the surface of that Aura which we call nerve tubes; and these symbols, according to the Universal law of the Aura, begin to flicker, not holding steadily any one form, and imparting with their vital forces in vain endeavour to vitalise more symbols than the vital force is sufficient for.

The symptom of this flickering of the nerve Aura is what is termed irritation – or irritability, and this should never be neglected, for it is a sign of loss of equilibrium, which may then be readily regained if proper means be taken – but which, if the Spirit of Equilibrium be not strong enough to regain control, may result in serious illness.

The sign of healthy action of the Aura of Actions of the Day is what may be termed zest, a joyous appreciation of all that is pleasant to the senses, a cheerful facing of labour, a certain childlike glee – and this may be preserved even to extreme old age and in spite of many troubles, if only the equilibrium of the two halves of the Aura be maintained. But in the great majority of Westerns the Aura of Actions of the Day is vastly over-strained and damaged by flickering and by leakage, till the symbols grow distorted, and recovery becomes very difficult; while the Aura of Dreams of the Night, whereby cure might be effected, becomes atrophied, and the cure more difficult on this account also – and this state is sometimes termed neurasthenia, and exoteric physicians, in ignorance of its true nature, prescribe change of air and scene – which indeed, sometimes mitigate the immediate evil, because, by vitalising fresh symbols and fresh currents, they somewhat relieve those that are over-strained – but they know not that it is always the same Aura, already overtaxed, which they are further vitalising, and still further destroying the equilibrium.

In subsequent teachings more will be shown of what we here call the Spirit of Equilibrium. But it is essential first to give a rudimentary idea of the first elements of the subject.

So likewise, the giving of drugs which stimulate the action of exhausted currents of vital force along the nerves of the Aura of Actions of the Day is often pernicious and increaseth the evil – good only when it enableth the Spirit of Equilibrium once more to restore the lost balance.

Now the true method of cure is to repress and inhibit wholly the activity and vitalising of this Aura, and to stimulate that of the Dreams of the Night, of the symbols and image whereof the man is mainly or entirely unconscious.

For this purpose absolute stillness is essential – all should be arranged to suggest the impossibility of any active or positive energising. Thus the patient should be kept entirely undressed and in bed – warm and always recumbent. The condition to be aimed at should be that between sleeping and waking, when visions float easily through the mind – any reading should be as far as possible removed from action and actual life – e.g. fairy tales, poetry, travel and adventure in unknown lands, and there should be as little reading and as much dreaming over it as possible.

Should any friends visit the patient they must never speak or allow him to speak of anything suggesting action or the practical doing of anything. Everything of this nature must be imperatively forbidden.

Also, as the course of the series Tatwas vitalise in turn every region of the Aura, so must this treatment continue for 24 hours at least, and for a mild and slight attack this should suffice. But if it yield not, then the time should be extended – to three times 24 hours, 3 x 3 x 24 hours = 9 days.

In some cases, too, it is better by suggestion and otherwise to depress the patient – excluding the light, using sombre hangings, forbidding visits of friends and all news of the outer world. let the physician in such case watch carefully for the signs of the dawning of imaginative functions. The appearance of these will show that Equilibrium is beginning to be re-established, and more cheerful suggestions may be employed.

The converse of this is known as hysteria, and ariseth when the Aura of Dreams of the Night hath functioned over-much, and consequent flickering of the symbols has occurred – often by this very flickering accidently vitalising some symbols of the Aura of Actions of the Day, thus creating delusions to the conscious senses and producing uncontrolled actions of nerve and muscle. In many natural seers, especially those who give themselves unguided to occult work, this condition is frequent.

Naturally the remedy is the reverse of the preceding – by rigid and careful attention to exact details in action. “Think not, but do” should be the wise physician’s advice; and in giving this, he should consider the symbols in the Aura of Actions of the Day most easily vitalised in the patient, judging thereof by his tastes and inclinations, and using his trained judgment, and also in fitting cases using suggestion or even compulsion. All imagination must be repressed, all action encouraged, until equilibrium be restored.

It is no part of the function or within the authority of the Masters of the Sun Order to supply a system of medical practice. What we can do and will do for those who receive our teachings is to show such points in the nature of the works of the Creator as to enable the disciple our Order, if he will attend thereto, to preserve his own health and to formulate a body so free of weakness and disease of any kind that there in it may be possible for him to meet the Masters face to face. Further, such knowledge as we impart will enable the Adept physician of our Order, if he will attend thereto, to formulate a system based on knowledge, and  no longer empiric.

Yet know that we give only the rational method whereby cures take place – what we have termed the Spirit Of Equilibrium in fact works the cure in every case – the patient and perhaps the physician may work against this spirit, yet the Spirit may be strong enough to effect a cure in spite of their ignorant efforts.

Now, this Spirit, (of which more will be revealed at the proper time) is, as has been said, intelligent and sentient, and can be commanded by the Lord of the body of the patient – or, with proper formulae, by the physician – can be strengthened to an extent as yet uncredited, or can be paralysed. And in this way is accomplished the healing with a touch or a word. This power, however, cannot be given; it must be acquired by long effort, and the foundation thereof is clairvoyance.

Already in our instructions we have shewn how clairvoyance may be developed, and ye have been directed to a school and a system the most perfect at present accessible for the purpose. When clairvoyantly ye can recognise the Spirit of Equilibrium, then may ye learn the formulae whereby that Spirit may be compelled and strengthened. But know clearly that these so-called occult methods of healing can be obtained in no other way – and in the way we have pointed out they can infallibly be obtained.

Furthermore, the importance of the Key now revealed, viz. the duality of the Aura, is by no means confined to so-called nervous disorders. For consider the first example we have given of the excessive functioning and overstrain of the Aura of the Actions of the Day. The leakage of nerve-force and the flickering of nerve aura produces a condition sometimes exoterically termed inflammation of the nerve sheath. Now on the material plane, the products of this inflammation are acid, and hereby accrues the incidence of a large class of diseases such as Acidity, and all the consequent diseases following on, indigestion, gout rheumatism, and all of this class, the peculiar character which the disease takes being determined by the symbols involved, i.e. those which are over-charged, and those towards which flickering takes place.

The key to the prevention and cure of all these lies in the knowledge and in the careful and detailed study of the duality of the Aura as above indicated – and only when a stable equilibrium is established is a cure effected. But neither are the possibilities of cure confined to cases of this description – for when once the duality of the Aura and the Spirit of Equilibrium are thoroughly grasped there is formulated the human reflection of the most Supreme Trinity, the Triad of Life – and by the potency of this Triad may any symbol be altered or modified – and thus the deformed and maimed, halt or blind may be rendered sound and whole. Thus in the elder days of Faith were miracles of healing wrought – and thus may they be wrought again.

Brethren, meditate on these things.



  1. Richard Tschudi · July 14, 2008

    On July 5th I attended a Golden Dawn workshop near Toronto, Canada. The workshop was held by Chic and Tabhita Cicere. At the workshop Chic gave a two hour lecture on the Cromlech Temple. Chic promissed that he will make the teachings of the Cromlech Temple available for mankind.

    Do you have more of the Aura Papers which I could read.


  2. Peregrin · July 14, 2008

    Hi there Richard,

    I am hoping to get permission soon to put up more Aura Papers. It would be good if Chic was able to release these. Even better if it was not done in a commercial way. The article in the latest Hermetic Virtues magazine by Chic seems to to suggest that he is not in control of the Cromlech Archive and someone else needs to give permission. Bit maybe he wrote that before the July 5th workshop and he now has permission. I might try and find an email address and ask him.

    peregrin 🙂

  3. Dean Wilson · July 14, 2008

    Ave Peregrin,

    As far as I’m aware, each issue of HV is finalised at least a month in advance, so chances are that he had finished the HV essay well before finishing his prep work for the workshop. Here’s hoping he has permission to publish the Cromlech teachings 🙂


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