The History of the RR et AC by Robert W. Felkin

While I await clarification on putting up some more Aura Papers and such here, I came across this lecture in my archive. Since it was delivered to the Societas Rosicruciana it would seem not to fall under any of the caveats I am under. Even though there is no indication I am pretty sure this lecture was also distributed to members of the Whare Ra temple. It certainly was produced in the same manner and on the same paper as some of the older Whare Ra documents.

There is no indication of the author on the document, but it is obviously Robert Felkin, who was a unique individual by all accounts. He really deserves a good, contemporary biography. I pretty sure this has not been published elsewhere. But it could have been and I’ve forgotten or it could be reproduced in a newer work I don’t know about. Please let me know. Ta.

As is often the case in Robert’s writing, the title of this document is as really a little misleading, but this is the title of the lecture, handwritten on the cover. It doesn’t actually detail any history of the RR et AC – the Inner Order of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Nor is there much real history at all. A lot of myth and interesting ideas though. Since the document is 4000 words long I am not putting the text up here. Simply download the PDF transcription or the scanned version.

There is no year given, but from what we know of Felkin’s life this had to be 1921.

Enjoy or ignore 🙂


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