Aura Paper One

Here is the first Aura Paper. However, I have to admit failure at transcribing it, so you will have to make do with the scanned version. I got part way but the archaic phraseology – all the “eths” and so on were doing my head in. The type though is fairly good (this is a copy of an original made in the 1940s). If you have a better OCR program than i do you may want to run it through that. If anyone does get a text transcription, please forward it on to me. Thanks.

As with the other Aura Papers, this one has some interesting points and ideas – the most important concept being contained in its opening remarks:

Ye know from many books of sciences, that what a man perceives by his consciousness is not any external object, but only certain rhythmic thrills of nerves and centres in his brain.”

Now at one level, this is general knowledge and yet it is of such crucial importance to fully understand that it is repeated and repeated throughout all esoteric, spiritual, and personal growth systems the world over. We go through our daily lives ignoring this reality to make sense of and act in the “real” world. In a modern western context, the works of St Bob are still, in my view, the best teachers of this mystery.

Enjoy 🙂

Aura Paper One

UPDATE: Many thanks to Simon for providing an OCR version of the paper. Download it here.



  1. Simon · July 24, 2008

    Hi Peregrin,

    I’ll have a go at OCRing it.


  2. Peregrin · July 25, 2008

    Hi Simon,

    thanks for this 🙂 Good luck

    peregrin 🙂

  3. darktcmdoc · July 25, 2008

    Hello Simon and Peregrin,

    I’ve made a “ocr-pdf” and sent it to Peregrin.


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