Minds of Jelly – the uncritical acceptance of ‘psychic information’.

I have been out of the blogosphere for a while, concerned with politics (the State’s), illness (my own and others) and death (not mine) – more on that later. I have been propelled back in because the other day I was forwarded an email concerning a group of Perth psychics’ attempt to solve the Claremont serial killings.

Obviously a few pixels on a screen give no clue as to the veracity of the email, its sender or the event it purports to describe (I have removed all names). However, I am concerned with the email itself which claims that certain Perth psychics know the killer’s “full name” and other information – which is “now sitting in the hands of the Police”.

The blind forwarding of such information (my friend consciously sent it to me for my opinion) via email is troubling and I imagine very distressing to the family and friends of the victims. We are being told that the killer is known by the police but they are (since no arrest has been made) doing nothing. I can’t imagine, if it was my child was a victim, how I would feel receiving such blithely confident information.

And while not uncritical of the police (though there is less corruption here than many other democracies), such claims undermine their effectiveness. The ‘information’, if it has in fact been passed onto the police, is likely to be worthless and therefore will produce no results.  However, since it has been accepted as “true” by the author of the email and the rest of the cadre of psychic followers, then the police will seen to be fail  or be part of a conspiracy. Such are the results of sloppy, uncritical thinking that infects the esoteric community as much as the new age.

The email also includes an “identikit” image of the killer (which I do not reproduce). Part of me is disappointed I do not look like this image, as I would be tempted to sue the pants of these bozos. The “identikit” image could be seen to “be” many other men besides the killer – how would those innocent men feel, I wonder? Have any of their friends or family received this poisonous little email and if so, how have they been treated since?

The email has several inconsistencies and asks us to believe the killer first struck when he was 15-20 years old, which is almost unheard of in serial killer history (the lack of certainty regards the killer’s age is weird, since they know his name and address – birth certificate anyone?). However, I imagine the author and the breathless readers of this drivel have not bothered to review the assertions critically at all. It would make for a less titillating read, all of which rests on real pain and real murder.

As I said, such uncritical thought is part and parcel of the esoteric traditions as well. An old friend of mine once ran an esoteric newsletter and for a joke, he and another made up false announcements from a fictitious, though connected and powerful Order. This went on for a few months and soon, real people were whispering about how they had met the leader of this Order and received training from him. I also knew someone who once started saving and packing to find the tomb of Christian Rosenkreutz. Others atually paid the airfares. Sad, but true.


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