Keepers of the Planetary Flame

I have been pondering, like many people, Christmas and all its manifestations and implications. I’ll probably plonk some of my thoughts up soon, but will say now I am often sad around Christmas when reflecting on Christ and how we as a culture seem less and less like Him each year. So it was lovely to have a couple of quick emails with Christian magician Gareth Knight who extended the invitation below to me, you and us all.

I know many of us (certainly if you have ever been a student of mine and have done your home work 🙂 ) already perform a similarly motivated daily practice. However, acting in concert with global initiative stemming from a highly contacted magician will be even more beneficial. So, it’s a invitation (I won’t beg or even implore) – the rest is up to you. The following is from Gareth:

Keepers of the Planetary Flame

An invitation from Gareth Knight 

Some thirty years ago I started a project known as the Keepers of the Planetary Flame inviting any of my students or anyone else of goodwill to take part in a small personal ceremony each day with the interests of the planet Earth at heart. The main concern at that time was to perhaps do something to discourage our fellow human beings from launching a nuclear holocaust. This dangerous corner having been passed, it seemed, the loose informal fellowship was discontinued.

      However, in the new millennium it seems that even bigger crises await us in terms of our capacity to destroy the environment. This is currently expressed in terms of avoiding climate change, yet those who are conscious of the inner side of things and our spiritual stewardship of the planet should be concerned with rather more than improving our carbon emissions. This can be aided by meditational work, and all you need is a stone or crystal, a candle, and the goodwill to devote a few minutes each day to the cause.

      The intention of the KPF work is to bring spiritual energy through from the light of the stars and the deep earth and allow it to work within our mortal realm. This energy is universal, limitless and inexhaustible. It is this energy that links us all and upon which we draw as we work together. A work that is undertaken in fellowship with universal spiritual presences, who may appear in any number of guises in inner vision, as appropriate to cultural background and geographical location.

Core Practice

You will need a stone (or crystal) and a candle. Place your stone before the candle. Light the flame and be aware how it is an expression of the fire at the centre of our planet, of the sun, and of the starry regions around us.

      Be aware of your stone as ultimately originating in the stars. Feel its connection to the land you live on and the process of flowing fire within the earth.

      Be aware of others who participate in this work and sense a field or network of spiritual energies linking us all together. Along these lines of connection, and up from the centre of the planet through your stone and flame, and from the stars, great streams of spiritual power and light flow and move.

      Hold this awareness and attunement for a long as feels right. Then extinguish your candle, being aware that what you have set in motion is still running through the mortal realm.

Connecting up

You are very welcome to do this kind of work without formally connecting up to the network but in any case you are welcome to more information, maps and e-mails which are administered by old friends and colleagues of mine. Simply log on to

There is a blessing on all who serve.

Yours sincerely,

Gareth Knight


One comment

  1. Qar'neh Ayelet HaShachar · March 24, 2013

    Sadly, the KPF web page referenced in Gareth’s invitation has vanished from the outer. Can it be found elsewhere perchance? BB, Qar’neh

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