Would you like Steak Knives with that?

As I get older I like to think I am becoming more compassionate and considerate. And it certainly takes a bit to get me to directly criticise another contemporary Golden Dawn tradition (despite plenty of provocation). But the other day I wandered back out into GD cyberspace and beheld the membership page of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn (click here). Which of the many GDs you ask – well, the “one and only” Order of course, or to make it clear, David Griffin’s Order.

I used to think the GD community was maturing, after the Crowley fixation of the 70’s, the psycho-personal obsession of the 80’s and the cyber explosion of the 90’s. I guess I was wrong. Here is a large international Order presenting itself, at least outwardly, with as much grace, beauty and spiritual presence as slavering salesman on heat. As part of his pitch, David says:

“Today – I am not the same man I used to be at all any more. I am calmer – more balanced – tranquil … even when upsetting things happen around me – and I am materially prosperous as well …”

If the tone, style and content of his website is anything to go on, I can honestly say I would have hated to meet the old David, when he was not calm, balanced and tranquil.  His hard sells of the various products are also very interesting. I was kindly lent the ‘Ritual Magic Manual’, so luckily I did not have to part with a single cent. Thank Goddess! David reckons it’s worth $333 USD – now there’s a number for you. Really though, if you pay more than $3.33 it’s a waste. Whilst not quite in the category of Zimbabwean dollars, it really adds nothing to the already published GD genre.

For once I am tempted to agree with Mr Crowley when he wrote, “I get fairly frantic when I contemplate the idiocy of these louts”.

Honestly, it makes one want to run off and become a Tibetan Buddhist monk, it does. 🙂


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