The Angelic Art by Alex Sanders or ‘the Occult Secrets of the Moon’.

I have finally got around to digging out some more material from the Simon Goodman collection of Witchcraft and related material which is held at Murdoch University in Perth.

When I first started cataloguing this collection all those years ago I noted a number of items with labels like “For Bone Fide Scholars Only” or “Not for Distribution”. Naturally enough I copied those items first, guessing I was in for some esoteric treat or other.

Sadly, there is nothing new under the sun – my own youthful naivety was as common as most of the material I found. However, there were some interesting bits and pieces, some of which I have already posted. And here’s another – ‘the Angelics’ by Alex Sanders

There was, and perhaps still is, a great deal of interest in these pages now let loose in unsuspecting cyberspace. I’ve known Wiccan High Priests who would give – well, if  not their own goolies, certainly somebody else’s for a copy. Writing on ‘the Angelics’, Simon says that after Alex Sanders’ death he asked his widow, Maxine what material could be made generally available and Maxine “specifically excluded” these teachings.

The big mystery for me is why – to my mind they are an incomplete example of standard astrological magic from the Renaissance onwards. Of interest though is the inclusion of Uranus (discovered late 18th century if me noggin serves me well) and not the other transpersonal planets (whoops, really planet singular now that poor Pluto has been downgraded). This could show an early 19th century provenance for the system. Or it could be the result of Alex himself, who was known to spend the odd evening getting pissed in a pub with a mate and a dictionary of Medieval English making up ancient laws and rituals that sounded great. Since these notes are a summary by Simon and Joanne Williams textual analysis, alas, is pointless.

Anyway, if you are a Wiccan and into these things – why not go study some proper Angelic magic? But if you’re a Wiccan interested in history or believe these Wiccan adaptations of tradition have power, beauty, truth or something I’m missing, then enjoy. In any case it’s now out of the library and into the net. 🙂




  1. incompleteinfinity · April 15, 2009

    Goodness me Peregrin! Is it not obvious!!!!

    Pluto got downgraded because he always goes straight for Uranus! It’s just one of those things about Pluto! he can’t help doing so…. 🙂

  2. Peregrin · April 16, 2009

    🙂 Cute, very cute 🙂

  3. Jean de Cabalis · May 17, 2009

    Hi Peregrin

    That is a version of the Angelic Art by Sanders. Occult Secrets of the Moon is another document belonging to the
    former Montalban Order of the Morning Star correspondence
    course. I have a copy of Occult Secrets of the Moon, would you like it?


  4. Peregrin · May 18, 2009

    Hello Lenny,

    thanks for clarifying this. The cover definitely declares it is as the Occult Secrets of the Moon – how interesting. Yes would love a copy. Please email to Thank you!

    I find this very interesting as one of Simon’s correspondents in his last years was Julia Phillips who was trained by Madeline Montalban along with Mike Howard. He has Julia’s coven’s Book of Shadows in his collection and some other things obviously from her, so now i wonder if this document also originated from her.

    Thank you so much for the clarification 🙂

  5. Cian MacFhiarais · August 24, 2009

    Dear Peregrin,
    The reason Maxine would have “excluded these materials” from being circulated is that they are under copywrite. The Occult Secrets of the Moon, Passing the Rivers, Voices of Angels etc were all from Madeline Montalban and certain individuals in the UK that I am aware of still hold copywrite.

    “Cockroach Papers” were kept from being circulated due to the politics and personal information contained therein. These were written for Simon by Julia and Rufus when he wanted to document the History of Wicca in OZ and his part in it.

    I will let Julia know that her BOS in in the collection at the University when I talk to / email her next as she may be interested to hear about that.

    Cian MacFhiarais

  6. Peregrin · August 24, 2009

    Hi – thanks. I am not sure if there has been name changes in Julia’s coven over the years or not, but the Shadows is of the COTSE. OK 🙂

  7. Rod ros · September 30, 2009

    Little bit of info in case anyone wants to know…
    It is possible that Alex Sanders was a member of the Order of the Morning Star for a very short while and received the first few courses in Angelic Magic as taught by Madeline Montalban. He must not have been with this group for long or got only as far as receiving the first few lessons through correspondence. Those found to be worthy were invited to meet and learn at Ms. Montalban’s home and take classes in person. Alfred Douglas was a member and helped the practical running of the Order since the early 1960’s and has asked several longtime members about Mr. Sanders. No one remembers him attending. Did not make an impression.
    The Order of the Morning Star is still very much in existence instructing members in the Angelic Magic system of Madeline Montalban. Alfred Douglas and Jo Sheridan are the sole persons authorized to distribute these particular teachings.
    They are easy to find on the Web.

  8. Peregrin · September 30, 2009

    Thanks for this information, Rod. 🙂

  9. Jean de Cabalis · October 16, 2009

    Hi Peregin

    Re: The Coachroach Papers by Simon Goodman, complied by Rufus.

    I see no evidence of Julia Philips co-authorship. The Papers

    “The following notes were composed by Harrington based on information given to him by Simon Goodman during the period from July 1989 to May 1990. Some editing was done by Simon”

    The above clearly states that the authorship (verbal source of the information or verbal authorship) is Simon Goodman with composition or compiling to paper done by Rufus Harrington – with some editing by Simon himself.

    The Coachroach papers then further state:

    “Notes were initially made in written form, but in later sessions, taping was also done. In most instances Nichole and James of Queanbeyan Coven were present at these sessions.”

    Here is clear evidence of two further names mentioned
    of two regular ‘in the loop’ wiccans associated with Rufus
    and Simon. These are Nichole and James, neither is Julia.

    I believe that this is an important document for Australian occult history (belonging to the people of Australia) and look forward to posting you the Ordrine Scatere Stellae copy.

    Hopefully this important work will go to an University where it belongs.


  10. ACAS / Jean de Cabalis · October 16, 2009

    Re: Madeline Montalban Angelic System correspondence course.

    Alfred Douglas and Jo Sheridan *claim* to authorisation comes from a publishers agreement signed between themselves and Cleo North (Madeline’s daughter) whom was never a member of the Order of the Morning Star.

    This occurred after the death of Madeline Montalban.

    The legal substance to claim is questionable. I.e whether or not Cleo North had any legal right to sign over this material at all. The untested assumption of copyright ownership belonging to the estate of Madeline Montalban.

    However as the materials were written for the sole purpose of a society (Order of the Morning Star) ownership could be said to belong to the society itself (of which Madeline was the head). Production for the purpose of an organisation (whether incorporated or not) is a valid legal principle in Australia and I presume it is too in England.

    Another question is whether or not copyright, or enforcement of copyright, or any claim of damages, can be claimed over any sic-public domain materials freely distributed over a long period of time. O.M.S materials have been distributed within Australian covens over 30 years. (I.e. the legal principle of established common practice in Australian law)

    Especially given the published comment of Madeline Montalban herself, expressing lack of concern if not permission, at the free distribution of these materials
    (ref: Octopus books UK Madeline Montalban interview, I can send you a copy of this if you want.)

    Nor am I not aware any British court ruling between Douglas and Goddard on this matter. FYI David Goddard published the entire correspondence course in his book ‘Sacred Magic of the Angels’ and corrected many of the needed grammatical errors.

    My thought is that given the low fiscal value of these materials, that the entire copyright legal issue is neither economic nor worth challenging Alfred Douglas claim.

    The alternative to David Goddard’s book (as mentioned by Rod Ros) is contacting Alfred Douglas (or Julia Philips) of the Order of the Morning Star for membership and enrolling in the course.

    It is good to see that after 25-30 years of inactivity that Alfred Douglas (whom as I believe) succeeded Madeline Montalban as head of the Order of the Morning Star, has finally decided to continue Madeline Montalban’s work.

    Even though there is the questionable motive, as it seems there is clear evidence of profiting from another’s work at reputedly 10UK pounds or more per lesson!

    – Lenny

  11. Peregrin · October 16, 2009

    Hello Lenny,

    thank you again for this information and thoughtful comments. Your offer of donation of the papers is really appreciated. I will make sure it get’s into Murdoch where it was once intended.

    thank you 🙂

  12. Wayland · April 25, 2012

    Hi Peregrin, Any chance you could drop me a line? Would like to chat with you about the Murdoch collection. Wayland

  13. mrclmind2013 · August 25, 2015

    Interesting post. While I agree that David Goddard’s book has quite a bit of material from Montalban’s course, it by no means is the entirety of the course. I think that Goddard made the lessons he did include very readable and accessible, but the Montalban course was quite a bit more vast than what is included in the Goddard book.

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