2012 and all that…

I have just sent a letter off to Nova Magazine regarding a column called ‘Towards 2012’. There is only one of these columns on line at present (click here) but its enough to get a sense. My letter, where I was really polite and didn’t swear once is below. 🙂

Having now read three of Jeremy Ball’s columns on 2012 I  simply have to say a few things.   The re-visioning of 2012 as a positive time, the birth of “an incredible New Age, the Golden Age” is very cute. Less than 20 years ago this mythical year was touted in far more dire and apocalyptic terms. I guess as the time approaches we need to be careful, less we have egg on our blissed out faces. Cynicism aside the fact remains that not one definite prediction concerning the ‘end of the world’ or a ‘new age’ or indeed the arrival of any Messiah or World teacher, has been accurate. However, the laxity and vagueness of Jeremy’s columns solves this potential problem nicely. It would be good to see a ‘prediction’ of something definite and verifiable in 2012.  

Also much of Jeremy’s 2012 material requires careful consideration. As a single example, the traditional Indian cosmological view is that we are now at that the very beginning of Kali Yuga, the epoch of spiritual poverty and paucity that will last 432 000 years. Sri Yukteswar Giri is very much in a minority and his interpretation of the dating of the Yugas was a radical break from tradition and established wisdom. There are also several other cosmological systems around the globe that do not see 2012 as anything special. Many are also clear that we are beginning an era of spiritual darkness. How can we reconcile this Jeremy’s optimistic vision that seeks to unite wisdom across the planet?  

The single most important problem with any prediction or vision of global dimensions, be they ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ is the disparate nature of the world’s wealth, health and well-being. No 2012 vision can apply globally as there are in fact many worlds. There is the western world of affluence and organic shampoos for our pets and the developing world where starvation, poverty and pain is the daily lot of many. For Jeremy to begin his first column saying 2012 was “etched in almost everyone’s mind across the planet” is naive in the extreme. Of the 20 000 people who will die today of hunger, the majority will have no knowledge of the new age 2012 phenomenon, simply because it has a much relevance to their lives as the proverbial bicycle to a fish.


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  1. Japlin · October 27, 2009

    Peregrin, I can’t describe how much I needed that laugh. So glad I clicked on the archive button today 🙂

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