Hair Today, See Tomorrow

It's Real!

It's Real!

We all know it. Sometimes the universe throws us a coincidence or synchronicity that has no deep meaning whatever. First, there was an advert in Nova for a “Spiritual Hairstylist” offering a “Specialist & psychic service”. Naturally this caused me to exclaim in disbelief, gnash my teeth a tad and lose a bit of my own hair (which, incidentally will all be gone soon for the World’s Greatest Shave to raise money for the Leukaemia Foundation – click here to sponsor me ). Then within hours I get this image from my friend Murray. At first I thought it had to be a joke, a send up on some comedy show. But no, it’s real – him and his hair! Obviously spiritual hair is big business and I’ve been left in the dark. Still one suspects mixed motives on behalf of Gary (who according to reports is very good). He’s quoted as saying: “I’ve always looked a little different [Really, wow fancy that]. It’s good though because when people see me on the street or on TV they say, “Hey, there’s that psychic guy.” Or something to that effect 🙂


One comment

  1. incompleteinfinity · April 8, 2009

    Imagine if you had an x-ray view of Gary’s hair!

    Right ear…. beep beep….lady on the left 3rd row on the right waering a red dress…. husband died 4 years ago… daughter a drug addict…. wants to know how life will turn out….

    Left ear…. beep beep…we’ve just had 378 people (at $1,500 a pop) sit their bums on the seats in the auditori.. ummmmm!!!! I’m sick of Bali… let’s go somewhere else next month!

    It would be interesting to see who would win in a ‘sledging’ contest! I.e. if Benny Hinn and Gary Spivey had someone hit them on the head with a sledge-hammer! I suspect Gary would have a great ‘bounce’ factor when the metal hits the hair….. but few would challenge the layer-upon -layer-upon-layer-upon layer or hairspray protecting the noggin of Benny Hinn….

    One thing I have to ask about Gary…. does he have ‘merino’ connections? Or is he a Kiwi?

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