Snippet from the Golden Dawn Files

The following extract is taken from a lecture delivered by G.H. Sr Maim Choth (Mrs Felkin) to the Whare Ra Temple of the Smaragdum Thalassess in New Zealand, circa 1959.

The second sign, or Sign of Silence (left fore finger upon lower lip) made in these circumambulations makes a circle of power around the temple and the several circumambulations at the close of the ceremony affects those outside who are seeking the light and brings them, sooner or later into contact within someone in the Order who may be able to help them.

The Whare Ra Temple Building

What this is referring to is the magical intention and act to utilize the divine light channeled through the opening of the Neophyte Grade for the purpose of helping those seeking esoteric instruction to find a way of contacting the Order. The divine light directed through the Hierophant during the Opening of the Neophyte Grade is ordinarily returned to the realm where it originated (via the reverse mystic circumambulation). This practice instead directs it to a practical end. I imagine the Inner Order members present in the Whare Ra temple worked this magic through focusing the divine energy into an astral symbol or form, which was linked to the New Zealand group consciousness. Any other Golden Dawn Order could work the same way.

This practice appears to be an innovation of the Whare Ra temple in New Zealand. It is interesting then to note that despite the very small population base in New Zealand, Whare Ra became one of the largest and certainly the longest surviving (sixty years) Golden Dawn temples ever. While we can never know for certain that this action helped in Whare Ra’s success, it is at least a very interesting idea. 🙂



  1. Robert Halvarsson · April 14, 2009


  2. incompleteinfinity · April 15, 2009

    Hi Peregrin!

    Do you know if there were any indigenous New Zealanders in this group. I mean… Maoris!

  3. Peregrin · April 16, 2009


    I do not have all the information but I have not heard of Maoris being a part of Whare Ra. Its members were very establishment in some ways.

  4. Anthony Fuller · August 22, 2014

    Hi Peregrin and ‘incompleteinfinity’,

    Please excuse this extremely belated comment – I have only just noticed the query. There were indeed a few Maori members, the most prominent being the Maori Bishop Panapa who was initiated into 0=0 on 9 July 1956. He was a Maori Bishop in the Anglican Church.
    Tony Fuller

  5. Peregrin · August 22, 2014

    Thanks, Tony – that is very interesting 🙂

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