Knowing What God Feels

One of my friends, a member of our Order, recently started a new relationship with someone who comes from a different religious background to her. My friend has a Christian underpinning with esoteric practice while her partner is a member of one of the eastern religions that have become popular in the west recently. Both people are intelligent and compassionate. However, there has still been some religious tension as her partner can’t see the point of the Christian connection. I’ve known other friends have partners who couldn’t see the point of any other religion other than their own. There are fundamentalists everywhere. I’ve even met fundamentalist Bahai’s in my time. Crazy, I know. But true.

Now when I hear such things I get confused. While I know from my Google News service that overall the world is a very intolerant place, when it happens it my own sphere I find it weird. You see I have ingested the modern, liberal pluralist mindset so much I just can’t see why people don’t live, let live and celebrate our differences. And being involved in traditionalist esoteric pursuits since a teenager I am convinced that at root there is only eternal Truth which is expressed in countless ways within temporal and mundane reality. It is not that I see all religions as One, as obviously they are not. Nor do I believe the Blavatsky romantic doctrine that all religions started out as a pristine, single tradition and we need to re-unite them. I’m with the late Carl Sagan on this one: “Critics start at the ‘re’.”

I do however firmly believe that the super-mundane source of all religious expressions must eventually lead back to the same ineffable Mystery. Otherwise, somehow some of us are right and some wrong. Now once we start down the track of some religions being true (or better) and others not we have to start thinking of reincarnation and something like Karma. Which curiously are not accepted by those exoteric religions that tend to have adherents who can declare religions true or false.

If there is one (or even a few) true religion(s) and the rest false or not so good, then the vast majority of humankind has never been exposed to truth. Obviously if there is a God or directing agency It would not allow this, as it’s just unfair. An eight year old can figure that one out. So to give us all a good shot at the truth God or Whatever must arrange for us to keep getting chances in other lives where we are born into a culture that has a true religion. And the reason why people are born into societies without a true religion? Well, a fair God cannot be arbitrary so people must have done something beforehand to cause their birth in a dumb culture. Therefore we have Karma raising its head or a God judging everyone and dolling out future lives accordingly.

If there is no directing agency and still only a few true religions then it supposes that either (a) some civilizations and peoples are dumb-shits, or (b) eventually every civilization will evolve into the true way of doing things. And we know where such thoughts lead, don’t we? Pass the matches, please someone…

Esoteric practice has warped or expanded my mind  so much (depending on your view) I get edgy and nervous even talking about these things. It is like a form of contact embarrassment. I am very much aware of my own and others conventional existence as separate beings and the common verbal semantics that posit God as a “being” but as soon as the words God, or Divine are mentioned it is like I switch on a different mode. So when people describe God I get antsy as by using any description we have defined something that is not God, which makes me quiver.  And then people talk about Higher Selves and past lives and without realizing it assert our inherent existence, when of course we don’t actually exist. This makes me quiver more.

Not content with these unwitting spiritual faux pas people then starting assigning temporal, human morality to God, Jesus, Buddha or Whatever. Hence the classification of some religions as false. These days I try to only read these ideas, as I feel too ill hanging around people who tell me God is angry with ‘the gays’ or Jesus supports us bombing the crap out of some non-Christian country somewhere. To think somewhere there is a being called God is one thing. To assign human emotions to Him is another. To assume we can know when “God” is angry is bizarre. We can’t even see behind us, or be in two places at once, or know every mathematical proposition off by heart, or see the interior of a crater on mars. How can we say anything about God? I don’t know how my fourteen year old son thinks most of the time, let alone GOD!

2008-09_evolutionI’m expecting some folk to now think about or respond with the concept of Sacred Scripture, or to be fair mostly the Bible or the Koran as few other religions tend to generate scriptural based fundamentalism to the same degree. Sorry, but I can’t swallow the notion that Scripture gives us infallible, unchanging directions about God’s moods and wants. Firstly, all scripture is created by humans – or least humans under the guidance of the divine. There are not many religions that, like the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, claim their scriptures were created by God in a single stroke. The King James Bible didn’t just appear overnight on the altars of all churches. Scripture is a human artefact and therefore flawed by human flaws.

Now, I once met a very lovely and smoochie member of YWAM at the Liberal Catholic Church Sunday Mass (I think she was there to check out the local weirdo Church down the street). Over lunch we discussed things and got to know one another. After her statement that the Bible, every word, was the literal Word of God and does not need to be interpreted metaphorically or esoterically I replied “in what language?”. Even variants in modern languages alter meaning let alone interpretation from the Greek, let alone interpretation from the Aramaic that Jesus actually spoke. And then there are personal interpretations each of us bring to the text. And besides all this the argument for the infallibility of scripture still fails my previous concerns – there have been many scriptures over the years and therefore most people have never been exposed to the one or few that are ‘true’. The only way around these difficulties is to accept Sacred Scripture as personal doorway to the Divine but not as a (highly cryptic) guide to God’s moods and desires. To even think that God has a mood makes me quiver again! Naturally any potential relationship with the smoochie YWAMer died aborning. 🙂 Such is life.

Sometimes I wish I had gone through a stint in a fundamentalist Church in my youth, as several esoteric folk I know have done, so I could understand these things better. I’ve tried the wonderful exercises St Bob recommends in Prometheus Rising to see the world from the fundamentalist viewpoint, but still can’t quite get there. Oh well…



  1. David Griffin · April 23, 2009

    In recent days, several leaders and members of Stella Matutina derivative Golden Dawn orders have accused our order, the Rosicrucian Order of Alpha et Omega, of having changed A.O. symbolism due to the Golden and Red Enameled crosses worn by high grade members of our order. Since they raised this issue, I have discussed the matter at length with our new Chief Adept, G.H. Frater Lux Aurora, Jean Pascal Ruggiu, and he has asked me to pass to you the message appended below.

    First, however, I invite you to have a look at a photograph of the two of us inside the Vault of the Adepti in Paris, as this is a rare glimpse inside the Vault:

    (Please note the cross he is also wearing!)

    — begin forwarded message —–

    G.H. Frater Lux Aurora, Chief Adept of the Alpha et Omega wrote:

    Brothers and Sisters of all Golden Dawn temples everywhere,

    I greet you in the name of your brothers and sisters of the Alpha et Omega from around the world. I wish to assure you that the Rosicrucian Order of Alpha et Omega wishes to develop and maintain harmonious and fraternal relations with all Golden Dawn and Rosicrucian orders.

    I find it puzzling, however, that members of the Stella Matutina or derivative orders should presume to lecture the Alpha et Omega about what we do inside of our own order.

    In recent days, several people have alleged that the Rosicrucian Order of the Alpha et Omega has changed A. O. symbolism due to the Golden and Red Crosses that our Senior members wear. What these accusations actually prove is that our critics remain completely ignorant about the true Rosicrucian affiliation of the Golden Dawn.

    Moreover, these accusations also prove that neither Robert Felkin nor the Stella Matutina either ever received the true Rosicrucian affiliation of the Golden Dawn. Perhaps Felkin did receive something from Steiner, but this is an entirely different matter.

    The true Rosicrucian affiliation and esoteric transmission of Golden Dawn’s 8=3 Grade of Magister Templi, derive directly from the Eighth Grade of Magister Templi of the Gold und Rosenkreutz Order of 1777.

    Members of the Magister Templi grade, in all truly Rosicrucian orders at all times in history, in fact, have “always” worn this same cross, even long before the creation of the Golden Dawn.

    The reason why G.H. Frater Lux Ex Septentrionis (David Griffin) and I, G.H. Frater Lux Aurora (Jean-Pascal Ruggiu) each wear this Golden and Rosy Cross cross is because we have each been regularly initiated in the 8=3, Magister Templi Grade of the Alpha et Omega. Moreover, we have additionally received the direct affiliation and esoteric transmission of the Magister Templi, 8=3, Grade as well.

    I can understand that our critics may be confused about this symbol, because In the Stella Matutina, the Magister Templi grade is something completely different, since Robert Felkin never received the true Magister Templi Rosicrucian affiliation or transmission.

    Nonetheless, I have no objection at all if a member of the Stella Matutina or of any other order wishes to call him or herself Magister Templi, even though in the Stella Matutuina this is a title only because it does not carry the Rosicrucian affiliation or esoteric transmission of this grade.

    Again, I do not care what others do inside of their own orders. That is none of my business. I do object, however, when members of the Stella Matutina or other orders attempt to interfere in the internal affairs of the Alpha et Omega, or cause me to waste my time explaining things because they prefer to behave like dogs barking on the internet – than to behave with the dignity befitting Adepti.

    The Rosicrucian Order of Alpha et Omega wishes to see all of the fighting end between different orders of the Golden Dawn.

    This does not mean that we will permit attacks on the Alpha et Omega, however.

    I promise you that we will strive, honestly and sincerely, to achieve peace between all Golden Dawn orders.

    But I must also warn you that any attacks on the Alpha et Omega, whether magical, legal, or merely gossiping on the Internet will be dealt with most severely.

    The Alpha et Omega is our order, not yours.

    I pledge that we will give all Golden Dawn and Rosicrucian orders the respect and courtesy that you rightfully deserve. We expect the same from you in return as well.

    Regarding the specific accusation that our order has changed the symbolism of the Alpha et Omega because of the cross of the Magister Templi, you have been mistaken. However, I would like to make clear that if, when, and where we do decide to change certain symbolism in our own order, that this is our right as Magistri Templi, and it is certainly none of the business of the Stella Matutina or of any other order.

    In closing, I would like to remind you that the cross of the Knight’s Templar was not merely adopted in the highest grades of the Gold und Rosenkreutz Order and in the Alpha et Omega, but also in the Strict Observance and the Swedish Rites of Freemasonry, by the CBCS in the Rectified Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, and in the F.A.R.+C.

    What are critics seem to forget is that the Alpha et Omega is not merely a Golden Dawn order but that we are first and foremost also a Rosicrucian one.

    G.H. Frater Lux Aurora, 8=3
    Chief Adept, Rosicrucian Order of Alpha et Omega
    Imperator, Ahathoor Temple No. 7
    Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn

    — end forwarded message —–

  2. Peregrin · April 23, 2009

    Dear David,

    thanks for this message. It is of course not really in response to the original post. After a bit of consideration I am allowing it through because it is not offensive and concerns matters I think the greater Golden Dawn community would be interested in. It does seem a little out of keeping with the tone of MOTO generally and I hope we are not inundated with replies from people taking umbrage. The comments field of MOTO is not the place for these discussions really 🙂 Ta.

  3. incompleteinfinity · April 23, 2009

    Fundamentalists are necessary in our society Peregrin! They are:

    1. Good for an excuse to start bogus wars!
    2. Good to USE to support wars!
    3. Good to help create division and emnity between fellow members of Humanity! (someone has to justify the billions upon billions channelled into weapons and general strategies to oppress…. most usually the ALREADY poor and oppressed)….
    4. They make excellent soldiers to die for a worthless cause.. I.e. Oil, etc…..
    5. They believe the lies and rhetoric of lying politicians that claim allegance to whatever form of fundamentalism they are attached to!

    It would be interesting to see what sort of person you would have turned out to be Peregrin had you had a true excursion (and fairly decent stay and indoctrination) into the world of (Christian) Fundamenalism in your youth (I mean your University days as that was the age I succumbed to my Fundy Days). I use that example as it is one I have experienced and still ‘suffer’ from to a certain degree! (I was pretty… HARCORE in my beliefs.. but I feel now I have more empathy etc towards all expressions of spiritual…. expression).

    I kind of envy your younger years as described by yourself in MOTO thus far!

    To me…Ultimately! All religions and forms of ritual come from the viewpoint or bias of an individual/s that have a certain viewpoint they wish to express as THE TRUTH!!!! But who can say these religions or rituals come from a Divine origin? If the ritual or church or mosque or whatever experience helps to make our simple mundane lives a little more worthwhile on this Planet…. then in my humble opinion they are good! If they help us to move toward a more outward motivated existence that compells us to look outside ourselves and look to the needs of OTHERS as opposed to concentrating on our own fragile egos and the increasing demands it has to yell…. LOOK AT ME… then I consider that religion or ritual to be of a positive worthwhile contribution to Humanity!

    In a nutshell Peregrin! To be a ‘real’ hardcore Fundamentalist you wouild have to COMPLETELY DENY AND RENOUNCE all involvement in all the ‘stuff’ you do right now! There is NO reconciliation or agreement between the two. Your experience with ‘Inner Plane’ contacts and the magical workings etc… etc… etc…. everything you have received and experienced … is ‘contrary’ to God’s Word and labelled ‘occult’ and would have to be renounced!

  4. Peregrin · April 24, 2009


    thanks for this. You make some really good points and observations. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. 🙂

  5. David Griffin · April 27, 2009

    I am pleased to announce that we have just uploaded another dozen or so videos, this time for our Golden Dawn brothers in the German, French, and Spanish speaking parts of the world.

  6. Peregrin · April 27, 2009

    Hi David,

    thanks for this link. I am not sure if a comment to this post is the right way to place it. I may cut and paste the comment and link elsewhere, as part of a GD post comments. I hope that is fine.

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