Brief Points on Godforms

I found these the other day in a returned envelope sent to a member of a Gnostic group I was being asked to train a number of years back. There is a lot of really good stuff already out there on Golden Dawn Godforms, but these points (which were aides for my lectures) may be of some use. Enjoy 🙂

anubis3The assumption of Godforms is one of the key techniques of inner lodge work within the GD tradition and provides the Order and magician with a number of benefits:

  • The magical skill required is relatively easily acquired if the work is put in. This allows newcomers to a lodge to fully participate in the inner work of a ceremony. (This presupposes the Temple (and thus Order) in question is well established and not newly created – see dot point seven).
  • Learning to effectively assume a Godform teaches or expands a new ritualist’s range of skills.
  • The Godforms themselves partake of real spiritual blessings associated with the deity in question. This should never be underestimated, and like any relationship with the divine the ritualist needs to relate to the Godform with respect and love.
  • Godforms when assumed correctly affect the three levels of inner work, the etheric, astral and mental.
  • The  Godforms themselves are real, independent astral structures (linked with mental and spiritual plane blessings). They exist within the egregore of the Order and are recharged every Equinox. Every correct assumption by an officer adds to their strength and power. This means a new ritualist can, when open and doing the work, find it easy to achieve results in their role.
  • hdg-smallThe Godforms exist continually on the astral level in-between Malkuth-physical ceremonies within the egregore or group mind of the Order/temple. They are maintained by the Order’s currents and work done by the Inner Order.
  • A temporary etheric structure for the Godforms to ‘embody’ is created during the preparation period (prior to the ceremony) by the Hierophant or other inner order members. This etheric structure has as its material basis, the lamen of office. When an officer assumes the lamen, this etheric structure is superimposed over their sphere of sensation. This allows the assumption of the Godform to be achieved with relative ease and ensures that the previously created Order Godform is the one used in the ceremony not one created solely by the work of the officer. For this reason the lamen of office, once prepared is an important tool and should be handled accordingly.
  • This also means however, that the officer is in effect the representation of the Godform on the material plane. The attitude and dedication we bring to our material plane components of the ceremony – the floor work and speeches – should reflect this. Z-3 advises the Hierophant and officers to:

…remember what tremendous Gods and Goddesses they represent – the Divine Forces of the Eternal in the administration of the Universe. The Ritual should be read in a loud, clear, stern and solemn voice so as to impress the Candidate with the solemnity of the occasion. In this, there should be no foolish nervousness or hesitation, but the Ritual as performed by an initiated Hierophant should become in his hands something more than this.

  • tol-in-auraThe visualization by the officer ensures their own personal astral body is intersecting with that of the Order Godform. This means the officer, for the duration of the ceremony is, literally part of the egregore of the Order. This is why great care is taken in many Orders concerning conduct within lodge meetings, as the egregore can be affected by whatever is occurring in the astral body of the officer. If they are inwardly angry or jealous during a ceremony, it will affect the entire egregore.  This again points to the need for solo practice of concentration and mind control, introspection and the development of the higher morality.
  • The Godforms of the floor officers in the Golden Dawn Neophyte Ceremony form a seven-fold whole, relating to the seven planets, seven double letters and fourteen parts of Osiris. When any one Godform is impaired or not functioning fully, it affects the whole. A Godform never exists on its own.
  • Functionally this most important in the two triads: Osiris, Horus, Tham-est; and, Ano-oobist-empe-eeb-te, Thaum-Aesch-Nia-Eth, Aura-Mo-Ooth
  • During ceremony when an officer is outwardly passive they should still be maintaining their Godform strongly (as well, if possible as assisting in other inner work).

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  1. taztaztaz · March 31, 2010

    Your blue jpg above reminded me of this woodcut from Albrecht Dürer from 1497
    which exactly depicts the sitting guy with the rays

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