Esoteric Christianity – Trinity or Unity

Sometimes I have the opportunity to simply wander around the Net – most often as I am installing Windows on a new PC at work. Recently I came across a lovely webpage, the Rose Circle Research Foundation with a link to a talk by R.A. Gilbert the Masonic and esoteric Christian historian. In the paragraph introducing this talk it is stated that Mr Gilbert “perhaps the first time in the public realm” spoke of himself  as a practicing esotericist.

Like the ‘news’ that Michael Moore is a Christian, this is no surprise to me at all: Mr Gilbert wrote freely in his Elements of Mysticism of his experience within a Christian Qabalistic group. His membership of the Quatuor Coronati lodge would also have given him contacts to several practicing Christian esoteric groups.

Of little surprise but of interest to me is Mr Gilbert’s view (to quote from the website):

…once one moves away from the Trinitarian Christian approach to this ascent up the Tree of Life, it ceases to be Rosicrucian.

I have more than once stated on MOTO that the Rosicrucian inner order of the Golden Dawn, the RR et AC is a Christian order. I think it cannot be readily understood or approached without communion with Christ. It is strange that the RR et AC and the GD (since the GD leads to the RR et AC) attracts so many people anti or ambivalent to Christianity. I simply do not know how it works.

Mr Gilbert’s assertion (if he made it, as I am quoting a report not the talk itself) that the required Christian approach be Trinitarian is new to me. I have never really thought it through, since Trinitarian Christianity is part and parcel of the Anglo-Catholic traditions behind most Rosicrucian and esoteric Christian traditions. My own Christian esoteric connections and work have definitely been Trinitarian.

However, I am also deeply influenced by the works of Neil Douglas Klotz and others on the original words, works and life of Christ and they definitely come from a Unitarian perspective. I have always found my rituals, meditations and body prayers within this tradition of Christian work to produce a distinctly different ‘feel’ to that of my western Christian esoteric work. I have instinctively avoided conflating the two, even to the extent of having differing Icons of Christ upon the altar dependant on the practice I was undertaking. I am wondering now if Mr Gilbert has hit the nail on the head and the reason why my work with, for example the Aramaic words of Christ, cannot be incorporated into my esoteric Christian work is because it comes from the Unitarian perspective.

I might be slow in realising this and everyone else out there knows this 🙂 But if you have thoughts or ideas, I’d love to hear them. Ta.


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