Human robots, word trance and the legitimate target of Iran

When I was a teenager a school friend gave me a few SF books he had read and decided were too “evil” to remain on his pristine bookshelves. They were the classic Illuminatus! Trilogy by Robert Anton Wilson and Robert Shea. Reading them didn’t get me possessed but did start a lifelong ride into the weird and wonderful as well as the mysterious Golden Dawn.

St Bob quickly became my favourite author and affected me deeply. Two messages throughout his work that relate to spiritual unfoldment and my topic here are:

  • Most of the time humankind in general (and each of us specifically) behaves mechanically and without conscious thought.
  • We are easily entranced and hypnotised by words.

As an example, St Bob describes an event in the life of P.D. Ouspensky who studied under Gurdjieff. Try as he may Ouspensky could not fully understand Gurdjieff’s insistence that humans act mechanically and robotically. During WWI however Ouspensky happened to see a truck load of wooden limbs being sent to the front, ready for a battle that had yet to occur. As a mathematician he realised the generals in charge of the war had calculated in advance the number of limbs that would be destroyed during the battle. Despite all this being in the future, the generals knew that the battle would ensue, that the soldiers would mechanically charge into battle and that their legs would get blown off. At that moment Ouspensky understood what Gurdjieff meant.

St Bob in one of his books describes a Satori moment of his own in the months leading up to the first Gulf War when he was still optimistic a peaceful solution would be found. Watching CNN late at night he heard a report that thousands of body bags were being sent to the US forces in Saudi Arabia. At that moment he knew war was inevitably, mechanically and inexorably ordained.

I thought I understood all this until one of those weird coincidences that hover around devotees of St Bob. Shortly before the Iraq War, I too was watching the news late at night and saw a report about body bags being sent to the front. Only then did I really get it.

We only act mechanically and robotically, maiming and killing as we go, when we are in trance. We are entranced all the time by words. Everyone knows this at some level – politicians, advertisers, writers and good school teachers especially. And of course Hermetic Magicians.

The careful of construction of words can alter our consciousness and guide us to different thoughts. Take for example:

The war in Iraq

rather than

The war on Iraq

One little word, but a wealth of difference in meaning and effect. Another case is the recent move away from describing someone “as gay” but rather as “a gay” and them being part of the group known as “the gays”. We do not say “the straights” or someone is “a straight”. By this little shift we are emphasizing a person’s sexuality as the defining characteristic of their being. We then can more easily forget that “a gay” is also a son, a policeman, a rugby player or whatever. Having sexuality or any other characteristic as the core identity, and all other characteristics backgrounded, helps us feel better when build up the fires and start persecuting.

Words are used to change our minds. Right now there is a concerted attempt by part of the United States government and military to change our minds. Nothing dramatic is being attempted, but rather a slow and concerted effort, through words, is being undertaken to prepare our consciousness to perceive Iran as a threat to world peace and a future candidate for getting the shit kicked out of it. For example, look here:

If we look carefully we will see the same word games were used in the years leading up to the Iraq War. Foundations were laid in our collective mind space concerning Iraq for years, so almost subconsciously we would perceive Iraq as a threat that we were justified in eliminating. This kind of subconscious influence via words should be readily apparent to all pagans and magicians. We all see it and know it when we say the words “witch” and “occult” around people not of our understanding. We can feel their discomfort, which is based solely on general societal assumptions not actual information. We may have felt it ourselves when we first branched out of the socially acceptable.

I first noticed phenomenon again as a teenager when I first attended a young socialist meeting. During the meeting it was mentioned we were going to assist a certain trade union. The very mention of the name of the union caused me discomfort as I knew they were “bad” and “corrupt”. However, since I was not one to object to things back then I sat on my hands and thought about how I knew the union was corrupt. There was no discreet answer, no factual evidence in my mind. It was all from news reports and generalisations. So too for most people it was with Iraq. There was and is still no credible reason for the invasion. People were prepared to accept it by a repeated fostering of the general ‘badness’ of the Iraqi regime.

So as the same process of constructing Iran as a legitimate target intensifies over the next few years we have a choice to do something different. As I mentioned in the post Lessons In Magic from Iraq, overall there was little concerted effort within the magical and pagan communities to stop the invasion. Right now we have a chance to stop this occurring again, to think and act consciously and to inspire and ask our loved ones and friends to do the same. While I do not expect many magicians to go down the political magic route, we can make sure we use the gifts our traditions bestow on us to ensure peace not war.



  1. Hecate Demetersdatter · February 20, 2010

    And now consider the difference if we said: War on the People of Iran.

    War on the babies, grandmothers, and pregnant women who live in Iran.

  2. Peregrin · February 20, 2010

    THANK YOU Hecate for this dose of reality, as yes this is really what the war is. Conducted by the Department of Defense 😦

    Eliot reminds us, “human kind. Cannot bear very much reality.” This is why I spent an hour before finally choosing to have an image of the fiscal cost of war on the post rather than a slain and dismembered child. Too much reality and the message is unheard. Too little and nothing changes.

    If you haven’t wandered over to Hecate’s very full and insightful blog, go now:

  3. Suecae · February 20, 2010

    In other words: the most successful propaganda is the one who becomes internal.

  4. Pete Madstone · March 2, 2010

    Excellent trilogy, and the fourth was great, too. A perfect example of how rich and bizzare our world can be.

  5. christopher · March 23, 2010

    So often i have thought over the years – why do we try our hardest to think of all the ways to hate a certain peoples and not try to think of all the good things about them – and if we are evolving then why are we just the same barbarians as we always were in the past – i just get the feeling if we don’t buck up our ideas soon then something bad is going to happen…..
    regards chris…..not an initiate yet….

  6. oscar rumoroso · March 26, 2010

    Since many years ago, I know all the things is happening around us and it is imposible to hold them into our brain because of we are not prepared to soport that térrible thing called war, with out God,s help or as well we can say, the help of a new sense builted up with a new one that make six sense ; this last one, able not to see every thing and not to hear every thing neather.
    I use to pray every day sinse many years ago and it is the only way to stop thoughts of judge other people and kill my self ideas about what i try to do in my old past
    If I do not pray, i could find mixed my self between those who just wants money to step the red carpets of hollywood and to ostent a big position inside the richest people in the World, and so the ladies too at least the most of them.
    In my short life of 55 years old, I saw more ladys and gentlemen falling down to misery, meet the negative death and what is better…. to convertion, instead of some new others than are obviously trying quick to rise up those more betryer carpets that make change sense to that theater, a human is not created to live for, ain,t find happyness on it, even where laugh is to short and ters never reach the end.
    If we don´t bealive, that God make us for a best way of life where people love most of other people all around the world, then…….we are leaving as loosing a bright and true life.
    Nobody, needs such a lot of money, like other people in the other corner of the world, do not hold the right to live as well, and the ones that are alive already, o dying to role this other thirty option.
    God bless all you, and take give you a stop to think about this writing I Did.
    Carlos Ortega

  7. oscar rumoroso · March 26, 2010

    Es terrible pensar, que tan solo he nacido, para alimentar a ciertas ramas sanguíneas de índole piramidal que exigen de mi, que piense a favor de ellos o por el contrario que encuentre las mayores dificultades para crecer como persona humana y merecer el grado de dignidad que toda familia honrada necesita adquirir en la vida como un derecho fundamental, sin someterse a trabajos que agrietan el corazón por que en el desempeño de la labor, nos exijan pisar o estafar al vecino, al amigo al pariente mas cercano o por decirlo de otra manera, al que en una próxima fecha, pudiera llegar a serlo.
    No hay libro antiguo de sana religión, que no advierta de los peligros del mundo, pero yo diría que ahora no nos permiten apartarnos del mundo sino que nos exigen que lo aplastemos y nos auto suicidemos una vez hayamos alcanzado la jubilación y el derecho al descanso tras las duras y arduas calamidades que hemos pasado para conseguir alzar y educar a nuestros hijos a un mundo que los exige lo mismo que a nosotros sus padres que un día, nos dimos cuenta de este engaño y advertimos y denunciamos desde la sabiduría de la fe, del juego que algunos que se creen más listos que los demás, y
    necesitan de nuestro sacrificio y muerte así como de aquellos menos favorecidos para proseguir con sus gozos tontos y estériles a los ojos de dios, por donde han de caer irremediablemente en las eternas tinieblas para pagar ante lo divino por el exceso de sus crímenes frente a los débiles.
    El Ser humano, es criatura inherente a dios, y solo dios tiene la justa capacidad de poner fin cuando el lo decida sobre lo que le pertenece y creó, para unos fines que latentemente existen dentro de la creación, para que el propio hombre o mujer, los descubra y los practique.
    precisamente,aquellos que andamos tras las divinas pistas y celestiales caminos, de sobra vemos que crear guerras para depopular la humanidad y dosificar mejor la escasa energía, no es un fin divino.
    La obligación de denunciar estos excesos maquiavélicos,
    corresponde a todos aquellos que por oposición a nuestra conciencia, no hemos sido diseñados por dios, para participar en la destrucción de la humanidad sino para ayudar a su edificación y consecución final de los planes del creador, fundiendonos en un abrazo fraterno de amor en el mundo ecuménico
    Y ahora pido por favor, que alguien más experto que yo pueda traducir este escrito de modo que la humanidad lo pueda leer y divulgar con el fin de frenar esta locura creada por unos humanos que si no se arrepienten algún día temblarán eternamente por las sacudidas recibidas de Dios
    Os invito a leer el libro “Juicio Universal, escrito por giavanni Papini, que nos hace crear una idea de que al final todos nos arrepentimos de una manera u otra.

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