Pagan Values Statement

As part of my secular new year activities, I clean. In recent years this has also meant cleaning my hard drives. In doing so I found this blast from the past which was given to new inquirers of our pagan groups (along with the material contained in this post). While no longer actively part of any self identified “pagan” group, I still find this statement (drawn in part from material from the Blessed Starhawk and Reclaiming) very lovely and true. As a focus of personal reflection, I am going to revisit this and perhaps update it based on my current understanding. I do think having a clear outline of values and ‘beliefs’ is very useful for groups, as it lets people know where the group stands on certain important things. If anyone has similar statements to share or refer, please go ahead and link in the comments field. Thanks 🙂

Pagan Values Statement

My law is love unto all beings…”
(the Wiccan Charge of the Goddess)

The values of our Pagan traditions stem from our understanding that the earth is a living conscious being and all people, all living things are sacred, from our recognition of the cycles of birth, growth, death, decay and regeneration. We experience divinity as both immanent and transcendent, that is, manifest within and beyond all things.

Each of us embodies the divine. Our ultimate spiritual authority is within, and we need no other person to interpret the sacred to us. We foster the questioning attitude, and honour intellectual, spiritual and creative freedom. We honour am recognise our spiritual elders for their experience and the skills and understandings they can foster within us.

Honouring both Goddess and God, we honour female and male images of divinity, always remembering that their essence is a mystery which goes beyond form, always honouring that they are real beings far beyond our limited ego understanding.

Likewise we recognise that we share the earth with non‑physical beings who have been called the Faery, Djinn, Devas, nature spirits and other names, that they are real beings with purpose’s of their own, and are to be related to with respect.

We recognise that our lives are the fulcrum between our ancestors and the unborn generations to come. We know that we do not own the Earth, but rather are bound by a sacred trust to care for the wellbeing of those who come after us. We acknowledge the presence of the guardian spirits of this land, and we honour the Aboriginal peoples of Australia as the ancient custodians of this land which sustains us.

In company with cultures of many different times and places, we name these things as sacred: Air, Fire, Water and Earth. We know that nothing con live without them. To call these things sacred is to say they have a value beyond their usefulness for human ends, that they themselves become the standards by which our acts and our purposes be judged. No one has the right to appropriate them, or profit it from them at the expense of others.

Our traditions are evolving and dynamic. We proudly call ourselves Pagans, Witches, Druids, Magicians, Hags, Goddess Worshippers, Heathens and other names that embody our deep bonding to the earth. Our traditions welcome all genders, all races, all ages or sexual orientations and all those differences of life situation, background and ability that increase our diversity. We strive to make our public events accessible and safe.

As part of our traditions we value ritual and ceremony. We endeavour to create rituals and ceremonies that are participatory and ecstatic, celebrating the cycles of the seasons and our lives, and raising energy for personal, collective and earth healing. We treat our rituals and ceremonies with respect, knowing them to be the meeting place of that which we hold sacred.

We know that magic is real and it works by the conscious direction of the energy within the earth, our bodies, sexuality and minds. With this knowledge we weave our magic ethically and in resonance with the values stated here. We know that everyone can do the life‑changing, world‑renewing work of magic ‑ the art of changing consciousness at will. We strive to teach and practice in ways that foster personal and collective empowerment, to model shared power and to open leadership roles to all, to balance individual autonomy with social responsibility.

Our practices arise from a deep, spiritual commitment to the earth, to healing personally, communally, socially and globally. Our traditions honour the wild, and call for service to community and the earth. We value peace and practice non-violence. We work for all forms of justice; our work is informed by a radical analysis of power which sees all systems of oppression as interrelated, rooted in systems of domination and control.

We endeavour to create and sustain communities that embody our values, that con help to heal the wounds of the earth end her peoples, that can sustain us end nurture future generations. We value our children end recognise that they need to be nurtured within families and communities that see them as embodiments of divinity and which teach them the values of peace, compassion and respect. We value the elders within our communities as people of wisdom and treat them with respect.

We endeavour to embody these values in all that we do, and we recognise that we are all effected by the less healthy parts of our culture, that we are all in this together. We are open to feedback from those who have also committed to these values. We ask them to share with us their responses to any of our actions they may feel do not embody these values.

This we affirm by all we hold sacred,


One comment

  1. David Griffin · January 6, 2011

    Care et VH Frater Peregrin,

    I am happily surprised to see that (for once in a blue moon) you and I finally agree on something, namely certain objections to astral-only initiation.

    Considering all of the buzz that GH Frater Zink’s latest article on “Astral” Initiation has generated, it would be very nice if Robert would actually engage SOMEONE in the Blogosphere in actual debate or at least sincere dialogue about this thorny topic.

    It doesn’t really matter if it were Sam Scarborough, Nick Farrell, you, me, or even someone from outside the Golden Dawn community, like Frater Barrabbas, whose objections Frater Zink would actually address in real dialogue with about this.

    As long as Robert continues to use his blog as though it were a Blogosphere billboard, the discussion about this thorny issue can not advance and our Golden Dawn community can not move beyond it to even greater harmony.

    – David Griffin

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