Sweat Lodge Deaths Follow Up

Just a quick note following up my post back in October 2009, The Sweat Lodge Deaths – who is responsible?

The trial of James Arthur Ray has been going on for about a week now. I could repost lots of links to articles and videos here but really recommend interested readers scoot on over to The Wild Hunt pagan blog which is covering this topic very well. It’s also a a great blog for all sorts of things besides this coverage.

Whatever the outcome of the trial, I hope it helps ensure future tragedies are avoided.  As I said in my previous post, whatever the ’causes’ of the deaths in Sedona, they would not have occured if western culture and western religion offered what these people were looking for. A few of them may have been after the instant riches that Mr Ray implicitly promises in his work, but even that desire comes from spiritual misunderstanding and immaturity. Ultimately then, no matter what the court concludes, the fault for these deaths lies ultimately with our spiritually impoverished culture and religious institutions that force people to find sacred truth and beauty in dangerous places.


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  1. Anna · March 11, 2011

    And if the sweatlodge was properly run by a trained waterpourer with nothing but the purest of spiritual intent, you wouldn’t have the danger (to this degree) nor the death. I went to a local sweatlodge in the late 1990s. The waterpourer assisted for years, then trained for at least two or more years, then had a very extensive testing period. The most we ever had were perhaps 12 folks in a hand-made branch hut we covered up with cloth blankets. Hot? Yes. Uncomfortable? sometimes. It was emphasized over and over again that if you got to the point that it felt too much, PLEASE crawl out; and most of us did once in a while, with absolutely no sense of failure or disapproval. What I experienced was a powerful and beautiful spiritual experience that also ended up feeling good physically. What happened in Sedona was a perversion.

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