Taking arms against evil – folk Christian magic

Just found in the archives this little piece of folk Christian magic. This was among the papers I copied from the Magical Church Society, though it did not have the MCS upon it, so I am unsure if it was ever “official”. It is a cute little bit of magic, incomplete in some ways as there are no instructions on what to do with the nine angel cross once it is consecrated. I do not recall ever using this ritual. For interest’s sake though, if you do perform the process, please let us know how you go. Thanks 🙂


Now, to take arms against the evil, you may:

1.  Call on the Mother of Jesus to help

2.  In your place of worship, take a cross and hold it to the Earth, then Heaven, then Earth once more.

3.  Like the sun, walk a circle three times praying “Thou art the Earth, the Heavens, the Beauty for all time, Amen”

4.  Place the cross on your chest and become the cross.  Now you can kneel and ask for Jacob’s Ladder to descend.  It will come in the Spirit.  Climb up until gold is the colour.  Here call: ” Iesous Christos ”  three times  “Martyr”  three times  and “Spiritus” three times  and “Omnis” once.

5.  Now, an angel will come.  Take her into your arms and embrace her. Then she will be happy to go into your cross.  Repeat the call for a total of 9 angels.  Thanks to the Spiritus Martyr, Christos as you’ll now come down the ladder.  Ask it to go and nine times sprinkle holy water on the cross.  The nine angels live in the cross in certain parts of the cross.  This is the cross:



  1. David · March 23, 2011

    Thats really neat, time to google MCS a little I think.

  2. Pallas Renatus · March 25, 2011

    “Cute” bit of magic though it may be, there’s plenty of potential for this to be worked into a full ritual format, and with a bit of preliminary research I could see using it to produce a talisman particularly suited to giving to someone in the Christian tradition.

  3. Peregrin · March 26, 2011

    Care Pallas Renatus,

    thanks for this. Yes, as I said a few days back on Facebook, upon re-reading I seem to have misjudged this a fair bit. I may delve into this a bit further. Stay tuned 🙂

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