Whither Golden Dawn?

The other day an email correspondent asked why I have not blogged much on the Golden Dawn lately. Well, since my reply itself would get me in all sorts of trouble publicly, that is the first answer. 🙂 Some people are so sensitive and so political about our tradition, carving out their turf, that honest critiques or essays often provoke a thunderous accusation of flame wars, personal attacks and attempted one upmanship. Who can be bothered with that? And while I wish these sensitive nutters would simply go away I have accepted two facts. Firstly, they won’t and secondly, for better or for worse the nutters ‘are’ largely the current face of the Golden Dawn, at least upon the internet.

Again, who can be bothered with that?

Plonk “Golden Dawn” into your favourite search engine and chances are the top results will link back to three major sites. Of these three, two to my mind, are more focused on selling their particular brand of the GD than the magical and transformative spirituality and service it offers. The difference between these two sellers of the GD and the third site is obvious (I am unconnected to any of the three). Sadly the two GD re-sellers, as it were, are pretty large and pretty pervasive. Once more, who be bothered with that? *Sigh* I have probably just doomed myself to another round of name calling and accusations… 🙂

So, I much prefer these days to teach and write about the Golden Dawn than blog. As a basic form of ‘outreach’ beyond Perth, I have a small number of online correspondents who seem to find value in what I have to say, and who seem to be unfolding and serving  others thanks to our tradition. My much delayed ‘By Names and Images’ looks set to finally see the light of day next March (more next post). So… all in all, I simply cannot be bothered with the silly wank honest Golden Dawn bloggers have to endure these days. Thanks 🙂



  1. Samuel · November 21, 2011

    I would have to say that the “nutters” really are NOT the face of the GD, they just pretend to be by making the most noise on the Internet. In my experience THEY do not speak for the GDers that are actually doing the Work within the Tradition.

    I do agree with you that it is better to keep silent that to engage in the time consuming and wasteful enterprise of replying and dealing with these sorts of people. I also realize that my mere post here will get me tarred-and-feathered” as a troublemaker and of causing flame war. Of course this is not my intent, but then again the overly sensitive “nutters” only care about themselves, their skewed perceived self-image, and their noise rather than the Work, the Tradition, and the Golden Dawn Community as a whole (in my personal opinion).

    Peregrin, continue to blog on important subjects related to the Tradition; your opinions and insights are valuable. I for one am elated to hear that “By Names and Images” is finally going to see the light of day – it is long overdue.

    In LVX,

  2. Nick Farrell · November 22, 2011

    So, basically the Nazis win by shouting down all opposition until those who know what they are talking about, and have actually been trained in the system are silenced.
    In fact the people who do all the shouting are incredibly small in number and their followers shrink in number as they continue their ranting.
    I think the GD community is honour bound to keep talking, publishing and keep saying the truth. It is all within the 0=0 ritual.
    I work on the principle that such loonies are not worth bothering with. It matters to me if someone who uses the system, or has studied the history of the GD and understands it makes a comment. But the system at the moment appears to be some one says something outrageously dumb and then someone too frightened to question them has a go at interpreting a historical paper in a way that “proves ” the original dumb argument. The ranter now feels that they have been intellectually supported in their Black is White argument and get run over the next time they use a zebra crossing.
    One of them tried to use this method to convince me that I had never been taught by any Whare Ra adepts and that the Third order of Whare Ra was the Hawkes Bay Steiner group. I thought… why am I even bothering talking to these types? I was there,.,, I remembered it… they weren’t… they dont have the papers to prove it… Then I twigged… they are not actually interested in knowing the truth, or even speaking it, they don’t know anything so why even bother listening to them?
    So I don’t,

  3. Morgan Drake Eckstein · November 22, 2011

    Heavens knows that I have thought about walking away. But I am stubborn. Or maybe one of the nutters. Yes, one of the nutters. And stubborn. I am a stubborn nutter.

  4. Peregrin · November 22, 2011

    Hi guys – thanks for the comments; a real wake up call. Yes, perhaps I am being a bit self focused here, wanting an easy ride, and letting the nutters get their way. In any case, THANKS – this is an example of the real spirit of GD community, being up front and honest and correcting people when needed. Nick, Samuel and Morgan – if I had a Christmas card list you’d be on it 🙂

  5. Morgan Drake Eckstein · November 22, 2011

    If I was on a Christmas card list, I would only accept cards that had pictures of cute cats on them.

  6. Pallas Renatus · November 27, 2011

    I am beyond excited for the book to see the light of day; take the number of indignant blog posts and name-calling that are sure to follow as a sign of having produced a quality product 🙂

  7. Samuel · November 29, 2011

    @Nick – you make a good argument. The GD Community should not allow the “Nazis” to silence the truth by shouting down the opposition simply because it does not agree with differing points of view. My point was more that it is useless to counter every silly post or comment from that sector by blogging in response. Choosing the correct battle is as important as the overall fight.

    Besides, often some of the shouting and noise from certain sectors produces glowing examples of the axiom, “It is better to keep your mouth shut and be thought an idiot than to open it and remove all doubt.”

    Ultimately, the truth will out, as it were. Those of us who have some idea of the truth of certain events and actions, not to mention an understanding of the history of the GD as it is, not as someone else would like it to be, have the power to counter such poor arguments as are often projected by certain people, at our leisure.

    Plus I think that most people are smart enough to tell which fruit is poisonous and which fruit is savory. The axiom of “by their fruits shall they be known…” comes to mind. If a person is consistently saying and doing poisonous things, then they are known for that. If on the other hand they are consistently saying things which carry weight, have value to the community, and such, then they too will be known for those words and actions.

    Personally, I would rather be known for the latter words and actions than the former, and I daresay, so would most reasonable GDers. Ultimately, it is the more serious blogs and comments that get read and listened to, while the more poisonous are treated merely for their “entertainment value” only.

    In LVX,

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