Doing what we can – Iran

The recent actions in the tit-for-tat game between Iran and the west (mostly the US) are reaching a new level. This of course is very worrying. Almost two years ago to the day MOTO warned about this Iran-war rhetoric in this post: Human robots, word trance and the legitimate target of Iran. Sadly, nothing has changed and we seem to be drawn inexorably into a very nasty situation indeed.

I want to be clear I am in no way in favour of a nuclear armed Iran. Then again, I am also not in favour of a nuclear armed US. Or Israel, for that matter. And really, when we look history since WWII the evidence is clear that the nation most likely to invade or attack another nation that is not directly threatening its shores is the US, which just happens to be the most nuclear and conventionally armed of the lot. If that doesn’t scare you, I am not sure what will.

One of the main themes of the original post was that wars and other negative actions mostly happen because we, as group, act like robots and mechanically accept what has been programmed into us. This includes us hermetic magicians and pagans, who really should know better since we work with conscious word trances as part of our daily practice. However, as the lack of pagan and magical support for the invasion and war on Iraq showed, this is not the case. Mostly we tend to accept and believe whatever is pumped into us. I was shown this dramatically when in the month before the Iraq invasion my brother argued voraciously for invasion, and several years later was criticising the politicians for continued Australian involvement. I might as well had read the morning newspaper than speak to a human being, a family member.

As I said in the previous post, two years ago:

“Right now there is a concerted attempt by part of the United States government and military to change our minds. Nothing dramatic is being attempted, but rather a slow and concerted effort, through words, is being undertaken to prepare our consciousness to perceive Iran as a threat to world peace and a future candidate for getting the shit kicked out of it…

US Bases around Iran. How many Iranian Bases are surrounding the US?

If we look carefully we will see the same word games were used in the years leading up to the Iraq War. Foundations were laid in our collective mind space concerning Iraq for years, so almost subconsciously we would perceive Iraq as a threat that we were justified in eliminating. This kind of subconscious influence via words should be readily apparent to all pagans and magicians. We all see it and know it when we say the words “witch” and “occult” around people not of our understanding. We can feel their discomfort, which is based solely on general societal assumptions not actual information. We may have felt it ourselves when we first branched out of the socially acceptable.”

And still, right now in 2012, as we slide towards what seems more and more like a conflict between Iran and the West, or an Israeli attack supported or condoned by the west, we still can act. We still are able to be conscious, to look at things sensibly. We can contact our elected representatives and demand that peace be kept. We can counter the growing trend in our peers and families towards acceptance of our conditioning towards war. And above all, we can do magic, as I discuss here. We can pray for peace, send weavings of clear thought to our politicians, write letters, question the media. We have the skills, we have the practices, we have our traditions – let us use them.

Links and dark humour:

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  1. David Griffin · February 20, 2012

    Care Frater Peregrin,

    This is one of those rare occasions that I actually agree with you about something. I must make clear, however, that I am speaking as a private person in this matter, and not as a chief of the Alpha Omega.

    The time has come for America to mind our own business and to quit trying to police and manipulate the world. We are broke and even borrowing money to continue this nonsensical warmongering.

    Moreover, here in America our civil liberties are being taken away from us at an alarming rate.

    The only American presidential candidate who stands for civil liberties and opposes invading Iran is Rep. Ron Paul. This is why I personally support Rep. Paul, although I do not agree with him about everything.

    With the exception of Rep. Paul, every single candidate for President this election cycle, whether Democrat or Republican, has spoken out in favor of invading Iran.

  2. Mike Howard · February 21, 2012

    I did not realise this was a political site????? IMHO political view should be a private thing and it is very dangerous to get them mixed up with spiritual or magical beliefs – especially when what you see in the media and is promoted by government propaganda machines is often a distortion of the real facts and events.


  3. Anonymous · March 8, 2012

    The US will be mobilizing in Iran by the time this year is up.

    We magickians are in the minority, and we can’t marshall the kind of consciousness-changing power that a media budget of 50 or 60 million dollars can. We’re outnumbered and outgunned, so to speak.

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