The Invoking Pentagram

I was reminded of these concepts today when reading some soon to be published material by one of the better magical authors out there. The notes here were written, I think, in the early 90s while I was working both the Golden Dawn and some form of Starhawk inspired Witchcraft Pagan-thingy. I was also busily engaged in ejecting or at least befriending some bats in my belfry and others’ via an interesting combination of magical ritual, eco-breath work and Christian guided grief imagery. The language here shows this.

The interesting thing is that I saw the same basic principles in the traditional magical discussion I read this morning. Now, back in the 90s I thought I was doing something cool and new. But no – tradition is always directing our work, whether we know it or not. We cannot openly work with any symbol and not have IT work with us 🙂

Anyway, thanks to the brilliance of indexed file systems, I quickly found what I was looking for, re-did the diagrams, and present it now for what it’s worth – as well as nostalgia. It may provoke a few thoughts… thanks : 🙂

The form of the generic invoking Pentagram (Earth), top point to lower left point, shows the formation and interaction of the Fivefold Self.









These Selves correspond in part to the Four Elements and Spirit: Goddess Self to Spirit, Body Self to Earth, Younger Self to Water, Talking Self to Air and Sexual Self to Fire.

The inscription of the Invoking Pentagram shows the process of: Goddess Self responding to an impulse to embodiment (incarnation), and producing a Body Self.

The Body Self responds to her environment, and through the interactions formulates a Younger Self (also called Feeling Self).

Younger Self through her feelings and interactions learns to separate what is her and what is not, and through the medium of language produces a Talking Self.

Talking Self through her interactions and meeting of the Other, creates Sexual Self as a means for full connection.

Sexual Self when fully expressed provides and means back to Goddess Self.

This process also corresponds to the Neuro-Circuit Theory of Tim Leary and Robert Anton Wilson:








The Fivefold Self on the Pentagram also shows the easiest and most direct access to fully experiencing each self is through the two other selves connected to it. Thus:


GODDESS SELF is approached by Body Self and Sexual Self.

BODY SELF is approached by Goddess Self and Younger Self.

YOUNGER SELF is approached by Body Self and Talking Self.

TALKING SELF is approached by Younger Self and Sexual Self.

SEXUAL SELF is approached by Talking Self and Goddess Self.


  1. PombagirasPolly · November 5, 2012

    This is similar to the Iron Pentacle from the Feri Tradition, which Starhawk came from.. most interesting as i had been thinking about that today, i think there is also a pearl, and one other whos name escapes me just now rust maybe? *ponders this* i suspect i will be thinking about this tomorrow as well now.. *smiles*

  2. Andrew · November 6, 2012

    Interesting… so when we do banishing, we’re starting by pushing away our physical body, then pushing away our higher self, then pushing away our sexual self, then pushing away our talking self, and then our feeling self. What’s left over?

    Hmmm. I feel like I should say something pithy and deep here, but the truth is I’m at a loss. What’s left over must be a mystery.

    In other news, I’ve been using the GD color scales to generate painting studies. They’ve been turning out ok. But I think the real benefit of working with the actual colors in paint is that one develops a much deeper appreciation of the way color and hue and texture help develop and grow one’s creative capabilities. It’s an interesting system, Peregrin, and thanks for helping me deepen my work with it through By Names and Images

  3. janeadamsart · November 11, 2012

    I like particularly what you say – we cannot openly work with any symbol and not have IT work with us. So true, and a real awakening.

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