This is Australia

This is a quick expansion of a post I made on Facebook today. It was written gonzo style – apart from obvious spelling mistakes, this is the first and only draft 🙂

Tonight millions of good folk around Australia will celebrate Australia Day. There will be fireworks, parties, music, drunkenness, violence, racism, rapes and much litter. All in all, pretty average for ‘national days’ across the world. I wish to quickly look at Australia Day, and by extension other national days of former European Colonies, from an esoteric perspective.

Today, 26th January, commemorates the day a group of armed British folk sailed into what is now known as Sydney Cove, landed and gave the symbolic finger to Dutch by declaring British sovereignty over the entire eastern seaboard of this continent. This land was now ‘British’, despite having bugger all to do with the Brits. This was a mental level declaration – that is all – and a very nascent one at that.

Decades later, as more British arrived and maps were made and the word ‘Australia’ began to be used throughout the world to represent this portion of physical land, the mental level concept really began to take hold. These days, the world over, this continent ‘is’ Australia. We all know this – well except Julia Gillard, our beloved PM. Recently, in a cynical attempt to prevent legal asylum seekers claiming their rights on this land-mass she excised the entire Australian mainland from the Australian migration zone. Yes, that’s right – this is Australia except in the mental concept of migration, where Australia has ceased to exist.

This mental concept of the country ‘Australia’ has of course been brought down and operates now on the astral-emotional level. When we move across the land, from city to city and town to town, we not only have the mental conception ‘this is Australia’, but we also feel and react as if it is. There is a feeling, a lower astral interaction at this level that supports and reinforces the mental concept of this country. Each country has its own astral-emotional ‘feel’ and the different regions in a country their own version or flavour of this ‘feel’.

Energetically, on the etheric level we can also partake of Australia, though this is very much dependant on many factors, as the etheric ‘soup’ our etheric bodies live and move within is seldom vitalised with coherence by the higher planes. The times when it is are nearly always times when the individual is subsumed to some degree by the group –like an Australian Day celebration. The conscious choice to celebrate communally (mental level) together with the pleasant astral-emotional feelings and national pride or jingoism produces an excellent low level subsumption and our etheric bodies can merge a little and ‘Australia’ enters. Add a nice dose of booze to affect the etheric-physical  interface and we’re laughing. The ‘energy’ of a good Australia Day fireworks with hundreds of thousands of people is what keeps people going back year after year. At least that’s what they tell me…and they use the word ‘energy’ too 🙂

Despite this occasional etheric level existence of ‘Australia’ as a nation, it has never been earthed into the ever-living Land. This is because as a nation, as culture we do not recognise the Land and work with her. Indeed this is partly why we are so very good at doing all sorts of nasty things to the land, and more particularly her first people, who were still classified as fauna in 1963 and who still have lives more nasty, short and brutish than the non-indigenous.

This lack of working with, opening to and accepting the Land has huge consequences. Again I quote some words from an inner plane contact several years back. It makes sense to us 🙂

The Land is dynamic and alive as a being or spirit, just as its inhabitants, both the seen and the unseen, are. The harbingers of any new mode of thought or spiritual current that seek to proselytize within a land other than the native soil from which it arose, must humbly approach the land and drive the current into the soil, placing the new impetus deep within. This is the mystery shown forth by St Joseph of Arimetha, planting his staff, directing inward the new Christian force into the Holy Isle, linking Christ Himself to our Land, so He may become, as the soil beneath us, our beloved and our bedrock…

If the new religion does not drive itself into the land, it will forever be an alien force and presence. The nature spirits and those known as the Fey or the Kingdom of Faery and even the elementals will withhold their blessings, without whom the life of man is sterile and the foundation of the spiritual life misshapen or weak. The results of such sterility may be seen by examining the spread and disintegration of Christianity within the new Lands such as the Americas, no single denomination having become a wayfarer or shining example…

Just as a foreign religion must link to a new Land, so too must a migrating race. A race forgoing this delving into the depths of the soil will forever be bereft and alien within the Land they call home. They shall be cut off from the deep forces and the Land will constantly be an irritant to such a nation, seeking to expel it as the immune system does a micro-biotic invader. The results produce a race of alienated people without home or hearth within the soul, which becomes brittle and distorted…

This is why the actual Land remains a mystery to us and remains under the stewardship of the first peoples, the local aboriginals whose concept, work and love of the Land remain. This is why the Land is theirs, and not the nation’s. And take a look at this map.

Each of these areas is a country – hundreds of countries existing – in the Land – within this single conceptual, emotional and occasionally energetic ‘Australia’. Each of these countries has it own people, stories, spirits, markers, and to use a magical term, egregore. The mental and astral level countries may have been forgotten, may have been subsumed or removed, but the reality of the egregore in the Land remains. This is why when city folk step away from their comfort zones and into the outback we may find ourselves in what seems to be an alien Land.

This is why the now common ‘Welcome to Country’ ceremony, performed by indigenous elders as representatives of the Land are so important and why they work, deeply offering an opportunity for effective inclusion of the non-indigenous into the Land. So what if they are a recent innovation – historically they were not needed. We need all we can to help realise the true nature of the Land we live in, and Australia Day may be a good day to start 🙂 Thanks.



  1. greengalloway · January 27, 2013

    I think this provides some explanation as to why the vast majority of the population clings to the shores of Oz, rather than living inland.

    I live in the country, and when friends from the city, even pagan/spiritual ones, visit me, they are often ill at ease in Australia’s wide, open spaces and its never-ending mountains and forests. Very interesting.

  2. janeadamsart · January 28, 2013

    Thank you for this. As soon as I began reading, I saw the hijack of the Dream Time Land (timeless) by its invaders and the cities which border the outback, and nature’s apparent hostility, like the recent fires – naturally.

    As I read further, this is confirmed by you, and the need to re-establish the sacred invitation; and the pattern of the existing egregores. An astonishing film about this, is Walkabout, starring Jenny Agutter, which I saw many years ago. Also, the ancient star and ley line trails of aboriginal art.

    May the neglected ceremony of the Threshold into this Real Land, come to be. It starts with individuals recognising this and in each other. Peace.

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