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GD Community in Action!

I am still adjusting to recent events concerning the death and funeral of my soul-friend, Morgana. I am back at work after spending several days among the grieving and the blessed, the touched and transfigured. And I realised that for a short time we, priests and priestesses, magicians and secular friends, family and well-wishers were a community. This is because we embodied the raison d’être of community: the coming together of a diverse group of people to further a goal beyond the personal needs and boundaries of each. In this case, the death and celebration of Morgana.

This community also included people across the world who spoke to us and viewed her funeral via the web. What connected us, what made us a community, was a the conscious ego choice to go beyond the ego for a transpersonal reason. People chose to leave work, shift plans, alter plane tickets, put off enjoyable activities, to come together for this most wonderful priestess.

The same principle applies in spiritual communities – nuns and monks come together and put aside ego concerns to promote and share in a higher, transpersonal vision and service. And the same principle was operating in the publication of the recent Commentaries on the Golden Dawn Flying Rolls.

Firstly, as I mentioned on Facebook, I think it is highly significant that even though the idea for the book was touted around for over a decade, it took a publisher who was part of and working for the Golden Dawn tradition to make it happen. As such I am very, very grateful to those wonderful folk at Kerubim Press. Once the idea was out there, shared among members of our community, it was embraced with enthusiasm, vigour and love.

This is because these good Fraters and Sorores did as a true community does – they put aside personal needs, waived away the royalties for a greater cause, exposed their personal and Order specific ideas to the world – all for the betterment of future GD students and groups. We were and are working to a transpersonal motivation, and hence even if there was not a Golden Dawn ‘community’ before the book, there certainly was one as it developed.

The key here of course is the ability to put aside ego-personal concerns for the higher, the transpersonal and the collective. Not everyone can do that, and not everyone wishes to do that. As anyone who has ever been part of any physical community or Order will know, the process of forming such beasts is not smooth. There are plenty of opportunities to learn to let go our ego needs. The same occurred in the production of this milestone of a book, and I was awed and happy to see and be part of the earthing of a vision when we all stood back and let the greater, not our own, concerns be the guide. This is community.

Personally, I think intentional communities founder or fly depending on the strength of their transpersonal vision. I once was part of a planning process for an intentional physical living-space community, which had the vision of simply forming a community. No spiritual or religious or service based principle at the core apart from the most generic and milk-water. Naturally, we never got anywhere 🙂 Not so of course for the GD, for at its core is the Magic of the Light, which all of the members partake in and strengthen, no matter how diverse our outer expressions are. It is the sharing of and surrender to the needs of this current that makes a magician or an Order part of the community and which legitimises them within the inner realms and the eyes of the rest of the community.

ctAs I said, not everyone can or wants to do this. As a young man I met an esoterically inclined Mason who had spent years and many trips researching the ley line structures throughout Western Australia. Yet he refused to share any of this – with anyone – only dropping hints to improve his esoteric credentials wherever he could. He used what knowledge he had to boost his own ego and personal concerns, and as such this knowledge sadly died with him. Such a person cannot be a member of a community, and speaking perhaps without legitimacy, I’d say this chap was not a good exemplar of Masonic fraternity either.

This example shows clearly that just because someone practices a system or tradition, they are not automatically part of the community of the tradition. Now that is fine, and they may still be a great Masonic ritualist or great magician or whatever. We cannot say anything about their proficiency within the tradition or their personal spiritual connections. The former may be indiscernible and the latter is a matter between them and their Sacred One(s). But we can clearly see if they are able to go beyond the personal ego concerns of themselves and their Order and become part of the community. Or not.

Finally, I will finish quoting myself from Facebook: “I think it’s a lovely community. Here I am a member of a small, rag-tag independent Order in the most isolated city in the world. I have met virtually none of these folk physically, but they included me, we shared ideas and rituals, they sent me original GD docs and all sorts of things. A wonderful, beautiful and diverse community.”


Gratias Tibi Fraters et Sorores!



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  2. Samuel · July 6, 2013

    Peregrin you have certainly hit upon something here.

    I personally have found the Golden Dawn Community to be one of Fraternity and help. If a person needs something, especially when it comes to teachings and clarifications, there are always members of the Golden Dawn Community who are not only able to help, but happy to help answer questions. Information is freely shared. Ideas bandied around. Rituals and Ceremonies are shared and exchanged.

    Why? Well for the betterment of the Golden Dawn Community. By helping we fulfill some of those very things that make our individual selves better. We are being Responsible to our Community. We are Participating in our Community. We extol the virtue of Service-to-Others, especially within our Community. It is the best of who we are as people that helps make the best of our Community.

    What is amazing, as you point out, is that all these things come from various parts of the Golden Dawn. Not just one small group of adepti from one Order. From members of all grades and all Orders, temples, and groups. And often without physically knowing the other person. The wonders of the Internet!

    I like to think that it is the Current of the Golden Dawn taking care of itself. Showing those around just what it is all about. Each of us is a part of a greater whole. Individual Participation in that Community only strengthens and enhances the overall Community.

    There is no Community without Fraternity and a willingness to engage and help our fellows within the Community. I think that most people within the Golden Dawn recognize this.

    Now, does this mean that everyone from the various groups, temples, and Orders agree on everything. Nope. That is why there are various groups, temples, and Orders. Different understandings of the GD Corpus, different focus on aspects of the Corpus of Work, and overall difference of opinion on various topics. This is what is called DIVERSITY. and it is what makes the GD Strong in my opinion.

    It is through the sharing of these diverse ideas and concepts relating to the Corpus of GD Work that new ideas are sparked. Our understanding of the material and teachings are expanded and enhanced. And when we expand ourselves and our understanding; when we contribute those new revelations to the overall Community through our Participation, then we can only ehance and expand the Golden Dawn Community and Tradition.

    In LVX Fraternititas,

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