Secret Chiefs Again

Nick – Expectant Contactee

By now many MOTO readers will know about Nick Farrell’s invitation to the Secret Chiefs* to prove themselves to him, thus clearing up the matter of their putative existence once and for all. It’s a wonderful idea. Personally, I really DO hope some super-human dude or dude-ess shows up and rock’s Nick’s world. As I mention in this post, if such beings really existed the world would be a better place.

The issue, of course, goes way beyond the Golden Dawn. There are Theosophical folk right here in Perth who are convinced there is a Master hiding out somewhere near Hyde Park (Perth). I’ve met them, and they are lovely, sane people, not remotely as whacko as the average magician. Sadly, all the ‘papers’ this being has given folk over the decades have evaporated away after being read. Such is the problem of ectoplasmic data storage.

Anyway… a bit of a cut and paste from myself on Facebook recently:

If the Secret Chiefs exist they are choosing (up to Nick’s invitation) to remain SECRET.

Therefore we cannot say anything about them with CERTAINTY.

Those folk who (claim to) have met them all appear to be unable to prove they exist, in the same way I prove my work colleagues exist to my partner – by inviting them around to dinner.

Knowing this, there is NO POINT in folk who (claim to) have met them talking about the Secret Chiefs.

They just look stupid, cos they can’t prove their existence. I feel for these folk, I really do. The most compassionate thing to do is to encourage them to learn the fourth power and REMAIN SILENT. They simply cannot win this game without proper evidence. And if the Chiefs refuse to give it and forbid them to reveal it – well… poor bastards is all I can say. In their position I’d zip my lip 🙂

Because all we are getting is second hand subjective info. A court of law would not even look at this as ‘evidence’. And nor should we.

Pointing to documents, meditations, techniques etc and stating they are ‘the work’ of the SCs is equally flawed as evidence. The value of the documents, meditations etc, is dependent on the docs themselves, not claimed authorship. Especially if the originals evaporate or apport back from whence they came once copied. This material may be awesome or crap, but the determining factor is the material itself. Not claimed authorship to someone who will not put up his or her hand and say, “well, yes that’s mine! Good ‘ennit?”

If we think something is better JUST cos it’s from a Chief, we are being foolish. If we think something has come from the Chiefs just ‘cos someone says it has… well…really?

Until we have something all parties can look at solidly, like Nick’s possible future meeting (no doubt it will be recorded), or their forenames, surnames, addresses, documentation, the Secret Chiefs function as a MAGICAL MYTH.

Ol’ CWL knew a Master or two

Myths serve valid spiritual functions. But they also become dated and sometimes problematic. The Secret Chiefs myth has no legs anymore and serves to inspire few modern magicians. I therefore await the SCs as solid, concrete shared space-time FACT – which is what Nick is looking for.

Now, Nick is thinking through all the ramifications of this, posting merrily along daily – see this post for example. While I agree with the broad sweep of what Nick says, I have minor differences on some things. Take gender, for example. Nick thinks Secret Chiefs can’t be women. However, the obvious counter for that is the Chiefs never sent a woman or manifested ‘lady parts’ before because they wouldn’t have been taken seriously as a leader/authority prior to the milk-water attempt we have at gender equality today. Still, it’s been over thirty years since Maggie floated to the top of British politics, so there’s really no excuse for it anymore. Heck, if there’s a serious chance the next Doctor Who could be a woman, so can a Chief 🙂

I actually expect no-one will show up. And I expect us cynics will be smug about it all. However, having learnt a few things after nearly thirty years of hanging around mystical weirdos with large amulets, I expect those to whom the Chiefs are real will not have their belief swayed much either. At this point it would be really nice to think all MOTO readers have read, understood and digested Tanya Lurhmann’s Persuasions of the Witch’s Craft, particularly her discussion on ‘interpretive drift’, which explains why we generally sensible occulty folk end up altering our perceptions to fit our magic. That’s a bit much I know, but do read the book – and don’t curse the author; she’s had enough for one lifetime 🙂

Anyway, I think the big ‘interpretive drift’ explanations of why no Chiefs will show are that either (A) Nick is not evolved enough, (B) he’s pissed the Chiefs off, (C) his own limited perception will stop him seeing the Chiefs right in front of him or (D) it’s just not cricket to ask for proof, is it?

So in a probably vain effort to nip the interpretive drift off at the pass, I’ll counter these things right now BEFORE the no show. Hey, it may make some folk THINK 🙂

(A) Nick is not evolved enough. Really it’s hard getting around this one, but not impossible. If a putative, secret and unknown entity has some sort of sense – like a Geiger counter – that only shows them ADVANCED souls, then by definition they may not even notice poor Nick on their night time astral sweeps for new recruits. We cannot argue this point with those who accept (or have met) Chiefs who have such a sense. Only the ‘good un’s’ are known to them. So this is a handy and dandy concept for those mired in interpretive drift seeking to explain a future no show; Nick wasn’t even noticed. All good, however if, and only if, the Chiefs do not interact temporally and publically. Since the earliest days however, the Chiefs have been known to write for newsletters and books, giving messages to specific folk, correcting their erroneous thoughts. These days their words are on blogs, and therefore they have a temporal and contemporary interaction. And Nick IS known enough to be noticed. 🙂

(B) Nick’s pissed the Secret Chiefs off. This one only flies if you think (A) the Chiefs are churlish enough to hold a grudge, which by definition they are not, or (B) they’re stupid enough not realise what a ‘conversion’ of someone like Nick Farrell would mean  in the modern occult community. As Nick points out groups would cease and members would have to find Chief contacted groups, thereby exposing many more people to these advanced souls and their teachings. So, the Chiefs would have to be dumb to pass up that chance, which by definition they are not.

(C) Nick’s own limited perception will stop him seeing the Chiefs right in front of him. Now, if anyone wants to adopt this position, it IS unassailable. It is however also meaningless. I could posit the existence of a advanced Super-Bunny whose factum earth is a guy called Warren Burroughs, but who can only been seen by those of advanced Lapine consciousness. Everyone else misses out on her Cuniculosus Wisdom, no matter how hard she bounces in front of them and tries to get them to notice her. Plus, as we know the Chiefs can manifest quite solid matter – at least for a time. I suggest that even if Nick is so dumb witted he can’t perceive them, they apport or manifest a few pages for Nick’s webcam to pick up and record. Modern technology – a Master’s best friend 🙂

(D) It’s just not cricket for Nick to ask for proof. Now there is a precedent in the Rosicrucian tradition that can be seen to support this point of view – all the nobles who thought they’d be chosen and demanded entry to the Chymical Wedding were refused, while humble and unassuming CRC was invited. However, this refers to a spiritual dynamic, not an invitation and proof in the physical world, which is what Nick is attempting. Do not confuse the planes, good folk 🙂 Of course, we’ve heard this concept of not demanding proof before – it’s a central part of many Christian faiths. Magic however, is very different and even the very devout Dion Fortune asked, and received physical confirmation from her (non-physical) Masters.

No doubt, I’ve missed something. Please comment away if I have, and let’s be open to what actually happens. It will be fun. Thanks. 🙂


* To avoid confusion, I use the definition of the Chiefs described in this article. I am not talking about angels, inspired messages, walk-ins, astral busy-bodies, talking cats, or other sources of wisdom available in the day-to-day world.



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  2. Astera · July 10, 2013

    Hello Peregrin, I am a little confused. Is there a difference between *secret chiefs* and *inner plane contacts*? Some organizations, including the one whose foundation course l’m currently working through, claims to be supported by contact on the inner planes.

    Also, I love your blog. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your knowledge.

  3. Tyson (Johnathan A) · July 11, 2013

    Hey. I’ve come across some of your notes awhile back and again just recently. Good reads, food for thought. Thanks for contributing to the world of open minds and critical thinking.

    With regard to the Secret Chiefs, whom i cannot say that I’ve met, I do have two cents to throw down. Been practicing many forms of magick in my spiritual pursuits over the past couple of decades and more. Have my ups and downs like anyone else in and out of the WakeWorld. One thing I have learnt over time is that what you get out of something is relative (if not perfectly proportional to the naked eye) to what you put into it. In the case of communion or communication with something on a different plane of existence, i.e. of vibration, there’s no bridge more stable than one where both ends are on a level with each other.

    So you, the daring or dutiful magickian, need to shift or raise your vibration to correspond with that of the point of contact. You also have to remove as many barriers, veils, distractions from the fields of play for better reception; this to include laundry lists and the afflictions of ego that detract from your focus. Most importantly, as these are the killers of the best intentions and magickal results, lust of result and trust. Lust of result is the downward spiral into distraction where you’re too busy spending your imagined lottery winnings to actually divine the winning numbers without second-guessing yourself. You become unclear and unfocussed. Trust is the big nasty. Trust issues stem from fear: fear of failure, fear of success and thereby fear of change, fear of going too far or so deep that you can’t come out or find your way back, and the abject terror of your ego at the prospect of irrelevancy. Most of us like our anchors, but they are just that: tethers that prevent us from pushing beyond those comfortable and barriers into unfamiliar or even uncharted territories.

    Knowing what I know now, I suspect that this is where the Secret Chiefs preside: on the other side of the self-erected barriers; on the other side of the Threshold between the Manifest and the Unmanifest. Knowing what I know now, I can also say that the old red-lion alchemists and hermetic masters of more than a thousand years ago went deeper and farther than even the best of us are now. We have too many distractions, too much to “lose”, too little time to seriously retire to the Work, and not nearly enough self-discipline to get there. I speak also of myself, and ruefully, in this regard, and endeavour to raise the bar with every step I take toward it.

    Incidentally, I work with a group occasionally that includes one of the best channellers I have met to date, who has just recently been letting herself go deeper into the work, having and providing a fuller experience for everyone involved. We call these entities the Ancestors of Witch and they seem happy with that. We’ve put them through the wringer with our tests of proof, and they appear by all counts to be what they claim. Past incarnations with wisdom to offer. They do all that I would expect: give advice, call us on and/or correct silly preconceptions, challenge us to push ourselves to heightened levels of skill and experience, They each have their areas of expertise. My old teacher asked me once when I described the workings if I thought they might be the Secret Chiefs. To be honest I hadn’t thought about it; but in the end I didn’t know. “Does it matter, really? There is interaction, there is positive effect, there is change.” That said, there was a time or three where something came through (the limitation of invitation or vouchsafing), someone who might have been a boss or a parent-like authority over the usual spirits, complete with presence and secondary phenomena, who dropped a whammy of wisdom on us like an Acme anvil in a cartoon.

    Anyways, in a nutshell, I think that we really do have to raise a compatible vibration to interact with any level of manifestation outside (or inside, for that matter) ourselves, be it newborn child to parent, a cat, a deity, a Secret Chief; and even some forms of technology require special handling. For example, I may not go all Harry Dresden on computers, but I have my issues all the same, and no battery — not watch, cell phone, or car — lasts long within a certain radius of me without some very specific precautions.

    Well, that was a bit longer than I thought it would be.. Cheers?


  4. Peregrin · July 12, 2013

    Hi Astera,

    many folk would say there is a difference between Secret Chiefs and Inner Plane contacts. The biggest being the Chiefs are physical and interact physically – they oversee and endorse physical Orders. Inner plane contacts are simply that – inner plane. Though I do not remember chapter and verse, the best description of inner plane contacts, called ‘Masters’ in this case to match the prevailing Theosophical milieu, comes from a contact of Dion Fortune’s back in the 1920s. There it is clearly stated we contact the inner plane contacts via our imagination (willed and controlled) but what they are is far more, and incompletely indescribable. We cannot know ‘them’ really.

    Chiefs on the other hand have a physical existence. Nick sums this up well in his latest post:

    Hope this helps. 🙂

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  6. Tom · December 2, 2013

    Maybe there aren’t that many of them and they’re busy doing rather useful things (cf. the “advanced communications” between Master R and Case et al.). I mean, who really needs one to show up? Not me–it would be a waste, at least at this point–I have far too much work to do before I’d need to experience the physical presence of some 8=3 or higher. And if they needed me, well the world’s in tough shape.

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