Book Review – Magical Imagination: The Keys to Magic by Nick Farrell

I was fortunate to read this book in completed manuscript form and happily contributed a short summary for the good folk at Skylight Press:

“Even if you think you know all about visualisation, pathworking and the magical key of imagination – even if you teach the subjects – this book will astound you. Nick Farrell explores magical imagination with depth and discernment, revealing principles and methods that will enrich and transform your magical and spiritual practice. Quite simply, this book is the best of its kind and extends the magical use of imagination to new heights and insights. It is an essential book for all magicians, Pagans and anyone who works with the inner realms.”

Looking again at the book, I see no reason to alter this glowing recommendation. Nick has produced what will become the modern standard on this topic. Some of the chapter headings alone show why:

  • Modern Magical Imagination Techniques
  • Using Magical Imagination to Change your Psyche
  • Building You Own Inner Kingdom
  • Imagination as a Mystical Tool
  • Imagination as a Magical Tool
  • Objective Pathworking
  • Gates to the Inner Kingdoms

This is heady stuff indeed! And Nick does not disappoint. Every single one of these chapters fulfils the promise of its title. This subject – the willed use of creative imagination within a magical framework to produce personal and spiritual results – is obviously an area of expertise for Nick. There is a lot of hard-won practical wisdom hidden within the instructions and suggestions, comments that appear simple and easy, but anyone with experience would recognise as stemming from an adept in the field. For example:

The visualisation movement flounders because while can explain success, it has a greater difficultly explaining why it does not always work. There are many things that can prevent a visualisation having a full effect. This is mostly because when the new image is planted within your Inner Kingdom it immediately has to fit within the frame work of what is already there. Those things which fall short of the status quo are swiftly destroyed. This happens because you are your Inner Kingdom is the sum total of your past visualisations. If you do not believe in success you have effectively crippled yourself from making new visualisations. The new visualisation is like a seed cast on stony ground and dies before its results can manifest.

This simple paragraph, so seemingly easily stated, is the result of many years of hard work and observation. It reproduces several important keys to success in magic that will lodge into the reader’s mind and influence her later spiritual and magical work to great effect. And the book is full of such gems. 🙂

The affects of the book on the armchair magician

Nick’s writing is honed and clear, solid in foundation, and as we said draws upon years of experience and experimentation in the magical realms. He has sorted the wheat from the chaff for the reader and the result is a condensation of extremely real and practical material. Armchair magicians will nod suavely, agreeing with each well-presented point of theory and recounting of experience – so much so they will start to look like the famous Drinking Bird. Anyone with a spiritual practice however will soon be taking notes, thinking furiously how to use the wisdom and material generously offered. It is that sort of book.

The starting point for this book was Nick’s earlier Magical Pathworking, but he has re-written and expanded the material so much it is really a new work. In fact, this is one of the things I appreciate most about Nick’s writing: he is honest in the way the great Dion Fortune was. He acknowledges where he has come from, where he is at, mistakes that have been made and distinguishes between explorations and tradition. This new book is substantially more magical and mystical than the older one, though it incorporates the personal and psychological insights and practices of the former to ensure the magical instruction is at all times real and effective.

Overall, as I said previously this is an essential book for all magicians, Pagans and anyone who works with the inner realms. Congratulations to Nick, Skylight Press and all who helped in its creation, gestation and birth.

Magical Imagination: The Keys to Magic by Nick Farrell. Published by Skylight Press.

Amazon. Book Depository. Amazon UK.



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  2. Murray Barton · August 6, 2013

    Hi Peregrin, content wise how does this work compare with Magical Images and the Magical Imagination by Gareth Knight? (I am guessing it is safe to assume you are familiar with Knights book) Thanks 🙂

  3. Peregrin · August 8, 2013

    Hi Murray,

    content wise, Nick explores the subject in a few different directions. As i mentioned in an earlier blog, Gareth commented on the re-issue of his classic, that it was bout all you need to understand magic. Respectfully, I would add Nick’s book too. The two side by side are very awesome 🙂 Ta.

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