Green Man Quarterly Issue 1

Issue One of GMQ

Issue one of the excellent new magazine,  Green Man Quarterly is out now.

GMQ is based in Melbourne and aims to present an in depth exploration of Pagan, Witchcraft and Occult issues. Issue one shows it has done exactly that.  Look at this occulty goodness:

  • “Burden of Proof” Y. T Scott takes a look into the controversy that surrounds the Pickingill Papers that first came to light in the Wiccan Magazine followed by The Cauldron Magazine.
  • Traditional Witchcraft and Christian Heresy” Lee Morgan (Author of Deed Without A Name) explores the dual faith observance of Traditional Witchcraft pactionaners and Christianity.
  • “Hunt for the Horned God” Frances Billinghurst (Author of Dancing the Sacred: A Journey through the Southern Sabbats) Delves deep into the many facets and faces of the Horned God throughout history.
  • “The Early Years of Wicca in Perth” Peregrin Wildoak (Author of By Names and Images Bringing the Golden Dawn to Life ) Takes a warts and all look at the development of Wicca in Perth Western Australia.

Purchase electronic or regular hard copies here:

Congratulations to the publisher and editor and all the contributors 🙂 I look forward to more…


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