Golden Dawn on Facebook Forums

Occasionally I participate on Facebook Golden Dawn forums. Some of these are as open as a politician’s book of promises before an election. Others are tighter. However, all seem to suffer from the same repeated annoying tendencies – to me anyway. So here is my, straight up, nary an edit in sight, guide to GD on the Forums – a sure fire way to make me happy. And we all want that, right?

aliens temple chief1. KEEP TO THE TOPIC

Golden Dawn. GD. RR et AC. Got it? Please do not bring in chat about aliens, lizard people, ESP, Wicca (or even Wiccan lizards). And refrain from posting ‘inspirational’ YouTube videos showing pretty flowers, flying bunnies or expanding galaxies. All well and good in their place – but not on a Golden Dawn forum. And sorry, I include Thelema here – oils ain’t oils, ya know.


Most of us, most of the time, are on a knife edge where we can easily slip off into a vast and rolling abyss of sheer stupidity. So, as my beloved’s 12 year old daughter is fond of telling me, calm your farm, and ask yourself, “do I really need to send this now?” and “Am I being a bloody idiot?”


Wot, you say, “there are no stupid questions”. True, I respond, “only stupid people”. 🙂 Really though, it’s like this: At present I am needing to find a lot of info about electric fences for horses. So I jump on the net and research the basic information. I would never join an Electric Fence forum and ask the basics. Read the FAQ, do some research, even read bloody Wikipedia. FIRST.

Really, it is so annoying to have these questions asked over and over again. Folk like myself and many others have killed thousands of virtual trees to have pages of pages of good, solid GD information on the net available. A simple search and it’s there. Show some respect and search out the answers before asking, eh?


What? Think that’s a mean thing to say? Let me explain. The GD / RR et AC is sometimes likened to a university. I think that sucks, mostly, but hey, I’ll use it today. As university undergraduates (roughly the GD outer order) no one is really interested in your personal opinion, only how well you can collate and synthesize (and reference) the opinion of others. Once you’re a graduate student (5=6 and above), it’s a different story.

Similarly in the GD: unless you’ve done the hard miles of many years GD work yourself, really all you can HONESTLY do is give the ideas and opinions of others. You may have ideas yourself – hey, I do all the time – but they cannot, by definition, be informed ideas, since you have not done the work. Got it?

Of course, with magic it’s a little different. Sometimes, even the most newest newbie gets an INSPIRATION about things. And that’s worth sharing. However, most of the time the inspiration is either as insipid as a well-saunaed lettuce or is obviously influenced by some childhood ‘experience’ – Liber Al is a good example.

So in a nutshell:

  • Do we want your opinion? – no.
  • Do we want your informed opinion – yes.
  • Do we want your inspired opinion – maybe. Well, probably not.


Just don’t.


If you go around ‘liking’ comments that are daft, off topic or just plain wrong, you look like a knob. So, even if the poster is your regular smoochie person or have you in their will for lots of dosh, or you’re just a plain, simple  fanboy – only ‘like’ good stuff. Otherwise you’re just encouraging them.


So, you’ve got a copy of a copy of some ‘original’ GD document some genuine adept has shared? Or you’ve visited a library somewhere to get the same. Please don’t use it to harp on about how much ‘better’ the original GD were, trying to beat others into submission ‘cos you’ve got something original. As Nick Farrell and several others have clearly shown, it ain’t necessarily the case that older is better. In all cases anyway, there is much more to an Order than what’s written on an old manuscript. Pat Zalewski showed this for the ceremonies and I did my part for the individual rituals. And besides, we’ve moved on a lot since then. I love tradition, as this blog shows, but I’d still rather be practicing it now in 2013 than 1893.

Right ho? Thanks.



  1. MvdV · October 2, 2013

    Insert any magical tradition here… FB is a good thing in many ways, but a really lame thing in another… Do the work peeps, don’t talk about it, just do it…

  2. Morgan Eckstein · October 2, 2013

    Occasionally, I will “like” the first post in a stupid discussion because I want to keep track of it (and hitting the “like” button will send the new comments directly to my mailbox). Yes, I realize that it might encourage the first silly person…but I am essentially lazy.

  3. Nick Farrell · October 2, 2013

    To this would add “stop asking about the lesser banishing (sic) ritual of the pentagram.” Unless someone is going to say something new about it, all that can be found on the world wide wibble. If a teacher is in a forum ask them something decent and tricky, not the occult equivalent of “how do you boil an egg”

  4. Gary · October 2, 2013

    I agree with most of this in spirit — especially when it comes to thinking before you type. But, for my part, I welcome the diversity of opinions and views — even if I have to sift through pictures of unicorns and vapid platitudes to get to them. Right, wrong, or indifferent, there will be a spectrum of personalities who have inherited the Golden Dawn teachings and have a different take on how to practice them. Some of them will be solitary practitioners to which the ‘has done the work’ yardstick becomes problematic to apply, especially when that yardstick varies between established Orders. Even more value the information they get from human beings (published authors on a forum even) than what they pull from the ‘Net via an anonymous source. I like the approach I’ve seen taken by some who respond to questions on core practices with a link to a blog entry. Even better would be if the forum supported the use of sticky entries that amounts to a FAQ. Thanks, as always, for sharing your thoughts on a very frustrating situation.

  5. Nelson H. Burgoyne · October 3, 2013

    I think the trouble is you are looking for meat but Facebook is for people who drinking milk( cat pictures?) . Any forum that is public cannot go beyond Neophtye. And Neophytes ask basic, very simple and dumb question, not because we/they are dumb, but because they don’t know any better.

    Most I find who join golden groups on Facebook, never heard of the Golden Dawn before joining. It is only a click away.

    PS Yes my grammar sucks, I am a little dyslexic, I am working on it.

  6. Pat Zalewski · October 13, 2013

    I am another one that prefers the GD of today to the GD of yesteryear, as it was always a work in progress in both understanding and applying GD magical theory. Its far better to be at the end of the line of GD magical theory than the beginning of it. The GD has certain hermetic components as its core principles embedded in its ritual and we certainly have got nowhere near the bottom of the GD barrel. Just one of those core components is the four elements which I recently related to the four alchemical colours in my Alchemy and GD ritual Book. It was a simple a test of hermetic principles being applied to a totally different level and standing the test of scrutiny. I would like to see more work done by others in this area as well so a modern GD baseline can be developed on alchemy and the GD ritual and a more broader approach can be utilised than my small booklet which was introduction to alchemy and GD ritual only. We have today modern techniques of analysis that were not available in yesteryear and we should use them.

  7. Peregrin · October 14, 2013

    Excellent points, as always Pat 🙂

  8. mark · December 13, 2013

    Dear Peregrin,
    thank you for all the research and the way you have opened the door to many interested people like myself. I have been researching in the fields of the Golden Dawn for many years and have found in this past year or two a whole new world of people who are as dedicated to the understanding of the G.D. system as I am. I am very grateful for people like yourself and Nick Farrell who are willing and able to shed light in the darkness. it has been a wonderful breathe of fresh air. Many thanks…


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