Searching and landing – a MOTO review :)

As the secular year winds down, it’s that time again – reviewing the search terms that led people to this wonderful blog 🙂

As always the high search terms are the standard: ‘Golden Dawn’, my name, etc. ‘Christian Sex’ is still high up there – showing a perennial need I guess? J Surprisingly folk searching for ‘puffer fish’ have also landed on MOTO a fair bit this year. Goddess knows what they made of it!

‘By names and images bringing the golden dawn to life pdf’. No less than nine would be pirates were searching for a free and naughty copy of my book! Avast! ye scurvy dogs – you can purchase a legitimate copy here 🙂

SEX continues to feature high in the search terms – there’s a surprise 🙂 However, it’s coming in a few forms besides regular Christian: ‘wiccan sex’, ‘hermetic sex’ and ‘esoteric sex’ are among the highest. However, some folk have more specific tastes or locales – ‘pentagram sex’ and ‘pagan sex perth’ – mmm. Still, it’s not as bad as the recurring, ‘Lisa Simpson sex’ 😦 But on the upside we have divine sex’ and for the more ceremonially inclined, ‘freemason sex initiation’ and ‘hermetic orders that use sex magic’.

It starts to get weird from here on though with ‘wicca porn’ – really? I knew the porn industry was ramping up the niche markets to bump up sales, but have we gone THAT specific? And what about aghoris having sex with dead people’? However, the best in this category has to be ‘images of aleister crowley in sex magic rooms’ – okaaay 🙂

Terms like ’dolphin angel tarot were almost guaranteed to raise my ire! I’m too scared to do my own search to see if it’s real :). Still New Age folk are more relaxed than some searchers, who desperately want to know ‘if the golden dawn is dangerous?’ and hermetic order of the golden dawn evil’ 🙂

Some people are still wanting secrets: ‘elks secret initiation’ or the golden dawns most potent secret form of magick’ and even ‘secret vulva’, whatever that is 🙂

Some searches simply stand out on their own: ‘astral winter interview’. WTF does that refer to – and how can Google find something on the astral I’ll never know. How about someone wanting to know the ‘Trantrik (sic) ritual to take out underground wealth’? Practical, I guess, just like the guy (I assume) wanting to spice up his Friday night with the ‘most dangerous ceremonial magick’ 🙂

However, this year there has been an increase in questions, which I guess we all have?

  • ‘Whatever happened to the goddess movement?’ Ouch!
  • ‘Is new age spirituality valid?Er, … no.
  • Who can make magick initiations on me?’ Who indeed? Perhaps they can also help with:
  • ‘How to tell if you have magical lineage?’ Gotta admit, that made me smile, however the most earnest question of all may be:
  • ‘Who is the theosophist who taught the youth to musturbate (sic) for spiritual development’. Yes, the answer IS somewhere on MOTO 🙂

The prize for the best question – and the best search term – this year though has to go to this one:

  • Which of the two planets (esus or sulis) do you think will move around the central star in the least amount of time? explain your reasoning.”

 I’m no stranger to esoterica, but this one has me stumped.

Have fun, everyone 🙂




  1. Sue Vincent · December 3, 2013

    The year’s top three search terms other than my name are all variants on ‘dog XXX’ … I have a feeling that somehow they were expecting something more exotic than what they found….

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  3. Anne North · December 3, 2013

    Danger Danger Will Robinson…

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