On Jovial Nature…

I rarely simply re-blog, but I am doing so because Andrew’s blog is not only prolific but creative, deep, and disciplined with an amazing breadth of material and thought. Always a pleasure, Andrew… thanks 🙂

Wanderings in the Labyrinth

Let’s see…  I think this all began with Gordon, who did a book review for a book I haven’t read yet by Peter J. Carroll (and which, to be fair, I’m not likely to read any time soon).  And then Jason Miller wrote a counterpoint to Gordon’s review over at Inominandum.com, particularly about Jupiter, and then Rufus Opus weighed in on the subject.  Christopher Bradford, too, weighed in with good things to say, and pointed out that Jupiter is really about power; and Blogos has some interesting things to say, as well — reminding us that every planet in the Hermetic world-view projects certain forces and energies into the world, for both good and ill.  I’ve had a little experience working with Jupiter, here and there… maybe it’s time to join in.

First of all, a few fair points:

  • Jason is right when…

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One comment

  1. Andrew · May 8, 2014

    Thank you! I’m honored to be on your front page for a little while.

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