Revamping MOTO – well, a little bit

As you may notice, I have revamped this blog a bit 🙂 The astute will notice not only a change in WordPress theme but also in subtitle or description: encounters with mystery, politics and sex. Those even more astute will be aware that these words are an unabashed cobbling of the subtitles of Starhawk’s two excellent works, ‘Dreaming the Dark’ and ‘Truth or Dare’.

The change signals a willingness by me to post more social and political comment on this blog, rather than focusing predominately on the magical. I have always been moved by the classic ‘the political is personal is spiritual’ and I have always maintained the goal of magic is service to others, which necessitates an intersection with the social, the sexual and the political.

I was moved to make this change by Emma Watson’s moving – and hopefully influential – speech on gender equality at the United Nations.

Commenting on this online I noticed two things: firstly, the vile, hate-filled misogyny directed at Ms Watson in response to her words, and secondly, a view of ‘so what, we know this, why does it need to be said again?’

The first response is to be expected: there are mung-beans here, there, everywhere, especially online. The second took me a little aback.

While there remains ingrained sexism and disadvantage to women and girls, while the dominant discourse is one of male privilege, we need to keep saying the bleedin’ obvious over and over again. And again. Because ANY positive change – not just a feminist one –  has to penetrate a consciousness, a set of assumptions, and from the magical perspective, an egregore, millennia in the making. We do not automatically ‘get’ anything – ideas that are not mainstream need constant reinforcing and repetition to be heard against the backdrop of conditioned consciousness that we hardly notice, as per the proverbial goldfish in water.

So this made me think about my own writing; I have often stopped myself writing because ‘someone else’ also has the same views and ideas. But really, it cannot but help to add mine. So I will 🙂

So … look forward to all sorts in interesting things on this slightly revamped MOTO. THANKS 🙂



  1. Michael Howard · September 24, 2014

    I am not a great one for mixing politics with magic or spirituality as it can be potentially dangerous and indigestible. However having said that I think that in these difficult times it is beholden to witches and other magical practitioners to stand up and be counted when it comes to the abuse of women in our modern world. Getting on for fifty years after the beginning of the feminist movement campaigning for rights for women all over the planet every day we hear horrific stories of abuse, mass rape, genital mutilation , sexual slavery, violence and misogynistic attitudes in ordinary society directed against women. In South Africa a famous disabled sportsman gets away with a lesser charge then murder for shooting his girlfriend dead.

    Many of these abuses originate with extreme, reactionary and patriarchal religious fundamentalism (Christian, Islamic and Hindu) and its twisted beliefs about sexuality and gender issues. Unfortunately members of the occult, magical and pagan community cannot be smug or complacent because around us are also some examples of the abuse and sexual exploitation of women and ingrained sexist and misogynistic attitudes. In my time I have met many pagan men who claim to be devoted to ‘the Goddess’ yet treat the real women in their lives with contempt and a lack of respect. Perhaps then we should put our own house/temple in order, while of course still condemning outside examples. of man’s inhumanity to women?

    Mike H.

  2. Mat · September 24, 2014

    I do not know if I would say I was touched but certainly I was impressed. What I liked specifically was that she also reclaimed the term “feminism”. Indeed, it got more than just a bad taste throughout the times. I remember one of the stronger slogans in GE to be “Kastration ist erst der Anfang” (Castration is just the start/beginning). The leading feminists in GE at least have been very strong anti men as well. Understandable to some extend taking into considderation where they are comming from and what they were fighting for and specifically whom they had against them. However, the approach to include men, convince them and educate them apparentely was a too modern one or needed its time. Thus, this is a great movement. Funny also that some peeps`reaction to feminists like Emma W. “what she also?” thinbking that feminists only are frustrated, men hating, new agy, ugly lesbians… A long way to go though….

  3. Inga Leonora · September 29, 2014

    Hi Peregrin! Love the new look! And I particularly love the new “messy” version of MOTO. Life is messy, magic is messy, politics is messy, sexuality and gender is messy. And we need more voices talking about them all, as wonderfully messy, interlinked, interconnected, how one inspires and informs the other, how wholeness is not achieved by compartmentalisation and silence. I was much inspired and appreciative of your Magical Action for Increase Compassion, and again by your consideration of the current and dominant ideas of power as an egregore, from a magical perspective. I have always felt too many witches (magicians, mystics and spiritualists) look to these mundane things as distinctly un-magical, and yet, power operates always in all spheres as power does. The Witch should be in a the very best position to engage with it, understand and explain it, and better, change it for the benefit of others. I look forwards to hearing more of your voice on these matters.
    And how awesome was Emma Watson! 🙂

  4. janeadamsart · October 2, 2014

    I like very much your new look blog, Peregrine, and the freshthink suggested within it! Unfortunately I couldn’t see the video of Emma Watson, because it is marked Private.

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