Orlando Massacre

Put this on Facebook just now. Placing it here in case it helps at all, somehow.

This is probs a complete waste of time, but here is my small response to the Orlando murders and gun violence generally.

(1) Some Rosicrucian wisdom: Nequaquam vacuum – ‘Nowhere a vacuum’. The murderer’s hatred of gay folk did not arise from nowhere. He was not born with it. It was interdependent on the general hatred and fear of LGTBI people generally. Every person who has ever preached hate against ‘the gays’ or discriminated against folk because of their sexuality or denied them respect or in any other way withheld care based on sexuality is partly responsible for the fostering the atmosphere where this can occur. As is everyone who has not done enough to counter the hate – myself included. I am not going to let people, family and friends, off the hook whom I know were anti-gay 20-30 years ago and now have ridden with cultural change and horrified at this massacre. Sorry, but no.

(2) Any ‘right’ to gun ownership is as fictitious as any other human made law or construct. It is temporal and can change. If the Constitution was understood in the same manner by everyone there would be no such thing as Constitutional Law. There is. So deal with the fact your ‘right’ exists only because folk with power maintain it. This ‘right’ can and will change at some point. It is not God given. In any of the major attempts to formulate statements of ‘rights’ based on the dignity of simply being human, like the UDHR, owning weapons is not considered. Deal with it.

(3) You and everyone you know is ALREADY supportive of weapon restrictions. The US and the ‘Coalition of the Willing’ went to war and invaded Iraq based on this principle. No one, even the most gun-loving redneck would be happy for their neighbour to own an armed thermonuclear weapon. How about 50 canisters of Sarin nerve gas? No? Mustard gas? A fully armoured tank? A bazooka? Landmines around the edge of their property that will blow your moggie to kingdom-come if she crosses over? No. The point is there is always a spectrum and we are all somewhere on it.

The question becomes then, where on that spectrum should a caring, decent society enforce restrictions. This again is a temporal matter and will change. So when someone says ‘if you take away the AR-15, knives and baseball bats could be next’ you are making no sense. You have already, in your mind got a limit. So let’s discuss those limits for society, not react against any ideas that make you scared someone will come and ‘take our guns’.

(4) The idea that the people, not the guns are the problem is facile. A six year old could tell you that. The taste of the cheese exists not in the cheese, not in the eater but in the union of both. A gun massacre would not exist if these pesky, virtually always, men who think blowing someone apart is a good idea did not exist. True. However, it would also not exist if the guns did not exist. And yes, yes one can make other weapons from handy household materials, but the evidence is clear: mad men intent on murder prefer guns. Cos they are so easy to get and use for murder. As they were designed to be.

Thanks. 🙂



  1. David Griffin · June 14, 2016

    Go ahead. Blame guns. The fact that the murderer hated gays because he was an Islamic supremacist had nothing to do with anything. Wake up to the real problem, Peregrin. Islamic Supremacists throw gays off of rooftops for being gay and stone women for adultery. The time to tolerate such intolerance is long past.

  2. Michael Davis · June 14, 2016

    David, the FBI thinks he was “radicalized” via the internet, but that describes a secondary motivation. It seems the issue was more that Mateen was dealing with some self-directed homophobia (http://bit.ly/21jxuY1). He was a regular at Pulse and, though married, was struggling with his sexual identity. His religion likely played a role in this inner conflict and became the final justification for checking out with so much rage and resentment. It’s sad. And it makes me think that, while angry homicidal maniacs have always been around, it may be wise not to give them an easy way to take 49 people with them when they decide to go. I feel compassion for Mateen as well as his victims. Try to imagine the hell he was in and how he must not have had the tools to cope with it. What agony could drive someone to that extreme? If we can start answering that question, we can start making progress in the good.

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