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By Names and Images - Peregrin Wildoak



Here is the cover for By Names and Images, my new book coming out from the wonderful Skylight Press March 21st. Cover by the much talented Rebsie Fairholm.

I have written before about the book, and am both glad and sad I left it languishing for years way beyond contract date with my previous publishers. Skylight is a great press and to have my name listed among the greats, Knight, Fortune, Gray, Richardson etc, is surreal.  They have been a joy to work with and are getting the book out at about half the cost of what the first publishers projected, meaning more of YOU can buy it 🙂

Seriously, I do (natch) think it’s a much needed book.

Tony DeLuce, author, magician and publisher describes it as:

The finest introduction to the Golden Dawn system yet penned and includes many never before seen highlights from the author’s years of oral instruction and training. A ‘must have’ for every student of the Golden Dawn, beginning and advanced.”

Need I say more?

There is a synopsis further down the page.  More soon – : )

Pre-orders can be taken at:

Update, November 2011

As I’ve recently mentioned the long overdue and long awaited, “By Names and Images: bringing the Golden Dawn to life” is due for release next March. 🙂 (See here for info already on MOTO)

After seven years of waiting the book feels a bit like an imaginary friend – I keep talking about it, but no one actually sees it 🙂 Still, a some folk have at least seen the manuscript (pdf document really) and have been very kind about it. In fact, after nudging away my old publisher (years beyond contract date) I suddenly received a few unsolicited requests from other publishers wanting to look at the beast and I am very, very pleased to announce that Skylight Press have taken it on. Skylight is the latest publishing venture of the wise and venerable Gareth Knight together with his daughter Rebecca and her creative partner, Daniel.

A while back, when it looked like Thoth publications would actually publish the work alongside the likes of Gareth Knight and Dion Fortune, I wrote I was ‘all giddy inside’. To be published by Skylight takes that giddiness up several notches.

After seven years I am very surprised that even now when people read it, a common comment is there is ‘nothing else like it’. Now of course, every author likes to promote their wares, but I do think BNAI will be a welcome and valuable addition to the Golden Dawn corpus. You can judge for yourself next March, thanks to Skylight! More information (and shameless promotion) to come… 🙂

‘Proof of Reality’ 🙂
Skylight – look under ‘forthcoming titles’.
Book Depository
Amazon UK

Today I received the closest possible confirmation date for the publication of my long delayed book on the Golden Dawn, By Names and Images: bringing the Golden Dawn to life. My excellent publisher, Thoth Publications (a veritable David amongst the Goliaths) has given the time frame of, I quote “November”. I have been waiting so long for this to occur, it hardly seems possible and I guess I will believe it when the book is in my hands.

But it is exciting news. Despite the years of delay, for the first time the Inner Workings of every major Golden Dawn ritual will be available in print. The vast majority of this material has been kept secret for years or existed only in the Oral tradition. It will remain to be seen how the magical and esoteric community reacts to the book – if at all 🙂 As long as there is not any lurid, “Golden Dawn Secrets Revealed” hype, I will be happy. The book has been written solely to allow people already practicing the Golden Dawn ritual to do so more effectively, and thereby be blessed by the amazing spiritual blessings the rituals offer.

I will be updating this page regularly (I hope) on updates to process of publication – including (when appropriate) how to buy the book – naturally 🙂 In the meantime, feel free to email Thoth Publications and encourage the speedy publication. Really, after the delays I could have gone elsewhere, but Thoth is simply one of the most respected publishers, and Tom works very hard. The book will be there in Thoth’s catalogue amongst my sources of inspiration like Dion Fortune and Gareth Knight. I am all giddy inside.

For those interested, below is a synopsis of the book:

By Names and Images – Bringing the Golden Dawn to Life

Scope: By Names and Images is a very practical, hands-on book that equips the reader with the knowledge and skills required for a deep and full magical spirituality.

The Golden Dawn (GD) system of magic is the main source of the esoteric and magical wisdom and techniques practiced in the West today. While the rituals and bare teachings of the tradition have been published for sixty years, the inner workings and esoteric keys that empower those rituals have largely remained unpublished or unexplored in contemporary works. ‘By Names and Images’ remedies this lack by providing detailed and clear instructions for the visualisations, spiritual connections and energetic practices required for every major GD practice and ritual, as well as several unpublished techniques. The GD rituals and practices outlined in this book are heavily used within the larger magical and Pagan communities, ensuring the book’s broad appeal.

The book opens with a discussion on the GD tradition itself and the need for honesty and surrender to the divine in order to practice magic. The problems and dangers of magic are discussed with practical solutions offered. Problems inherent within the Golden Dawn as it is currently practiced are reviewed and alternatives suggested. Advice on using the book, for a newcomer to magic, a more experienced magician or someone from another spiritual path is also given.

Chapter one discusses the two keys to magical spirituality: the invocation of divine forces via sacred names (and the meaning behind them) and the use of visualisation as a way of connecting with those forces. The GD system is analysed and broken down into eight forms of magic in order to help comprehension of this vast tradition. Each of these eight forms of magic are examined throughout the rest of the book. The use of ritual within the Golden Dawn is discussed as is the Qabalah, as an underlying framework with reference to the Tree of Life and the Four Worlds of Manifestation. These are explained simply and clearly without technical language or any prior knowledge assumed. Reference is made to everyday activities and events to enable clear comprehension of the terminology and concepts used. The theory of the aura and subtle, non-physical bodies is introduced and clearly explained. Links are drawn between the subtle bodies and the Qabalah and an overarching model of the inner realms and the esoteric side of humanity (used throughout the book) is explained. The chapter finishes with practical visualisation exercises, including a method of testing the reader’s skill at visualising, and a discussion on props and magical tools.

Chapter Two discusses the first form of magic, that of purification. Once more practical and real life examples are used to ensure full understanding within the reader. The four elements and their connection to everyday life are introduced and a simple but powerful introspective exercise presented. This allows the reader to explore their own self in relation to the elements. Next the first piece of GD magic, the purification ritual, the Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram (LRP) is explained with very clear, point by point instructions and an in depth analysis of the inner work required. The method of intoning or vibrating the sacred names is given and analysed and their root meaning given, devoid of sexist and patriarchal connotations. This has not been done in prior GD works. Following on from the LRP, the second piece of purification is presented, the Lesser Ritual of the Hexagram (LRH). The inner work and analysis of the LRH is also given, something absent from other books.

Chapter three examines meditation and divination within a Golden Dawn and magical context. There is an extended discussion on the use of the will, required for both of these spiritual practices. Practical and clearly explained exercises are given to develop the will and a personal empowerment ritual presented to enable readers to empower their lives. The use of meditation within magic is examined and a series of down to earth tips for successful meditation given. A relaxation technique is also presented. Suggestions for Golden Dawn meditations are also outlined. The discussion on divination opens with an analysis of what areas of consciousness are utilised during divination. This discussion (like all within the book) refers back to the magical model presented in chapter one. Three inner activities are clearly defined and explained; psychic awareness, intuition and inspired intuition. Golden Dawn divination is then explained as being a mode of awakening the inspired intuition, the higher levels of consciousness. The Tarot is then explored as the primary form of Golden Dawn divination. The Great Angel of the Tarot and the Secret Wisdom, HRU, is explained together with an unpublished explanation of his name and a concrete technique of working with him during divination.

Chapter four examines the aura and its control. Clear explanations are given to show that with thought and will the reader can control their auric sphere. The primary exercise to develop the aura within the Golden Dawn, the Middle Pillar exercise, is then analysed and examined. The five different levels which the Middle Pillar works upon are detailed and a separate form of the exercise given to awaken each level fully. The full exercise and inner workings are then presented. An unpublished exercise, Invocation of Force Within the Aura, designed to awaken a single spiritual force, then follows. This is given along with the inner work required and a list of the symbols, colours and divine names required for the full range of Qabalistic forces. The chapter closes discussing the technique of assuming a Godform. The reasons for this are explained along with the differences between Godform assumption, channelling and God possession. Detailed instructions, absent from other books, are then given for this practice.

Chapter five concerns invocation, one of the main forms of Golden Dawn magic. The chapter opens with a discussion and a table showing the exact effects of each Golden Dawn ritual within the various inner planes. This has previously been unpublished in this form. The advanced technique of vibrating divine names, the Vibratory Formula of the Middle Pillar is described in full, with point by point instructions. This formula is then used as part of all the invocation techniques to follow. The first to be explored is the Rose-Cross ritual, including its symbolism and required inner work, much of which is currently unpublished. The Analysis of the Keyword ritual follows, which is given an extended commentary and detailed explanation of the inner work, again largely unpublished. The Supreme Ritual of the Pentagram (SRP) used to invoke the elemental forces is next together with the inner workings outlined point by point. Another largely elemental ritual, the Watchtower Ceremony comes next. The analysis and inner work for this ceremony takes in many elements previously unpublished and contains a section looking at other published variants and the differences between the Watchtower and the SIRP rituals. The Lesser and Supreme Hexagrams, designed to invoke the blessings of the planets, are next. These have only been cursorily examined in previous books. They are detailed here with complete inner workings and the required sequence of events outlined clearly.

Chapter six draws on the ideas and skills of chapter five and outlines the Golden Dawn practice and formulas for dramatic or spoken invocation. The formula and framework is explained with down to earth metaphors and reference to the inner plane model used throughout the book. This framework and explanation is not present in other Golden Dawn books and enables the reader to understand clearly how invocation is far more that reciting poetry with emotion. Keys for a successful invocation are outlined next. This is followed by a section on how to put it all together for a successful invocation. A discussion on how to create ritual in the Golden Dawn manner then follows, pointing out the GD use of esoteric formulas. Finally, a point by point explanation of an effective invocation is detailed, showing how everything works in practice. During this discussion many tips and keys for group and solo invocations are presented.

Chapter seven explores one of the most fascinating but problematic areas of Western magic – the exploration of the inner realms. It opens with a discussion on the nature of the inner realms and gives down to earth practical advice for remaining balanced when exploring the realms. Ways of connecting with the inner realms are discussed and the Golden Dawn (Western Magical) approach highlighted. The reasons and benefits for connection with the inner realms are also given. A large section instructing the reader how to test their inner realm experience for themselves is then given. This section on testing is the most comprehensive and complete within any Golden Dawn book. Next, the two GD processes, Skrying and Travelling in the Spirit Vision are explained. This is the first book to fully explain the technique of Skrying in the spirit vision and its benefits. Both processes are explained clearly and simply in point by point format. The chapter finishes with a discussion on Pathworking and how it works together with a complete list of the various inner realms, together with their symbol keys and colours.

Chapter eight defines and carefully explains evocation. Three ways of viewing spirits and non-physical entities are discussed: the modern secular/psychological worldview, the traditional/pre-modern magical worldview, and the modern magical worldview. Various classes of non-physical beings are discussed and their nature analysed. While the full Golden Dawn formula for evocation is not explained, due to length and possible magical complications, how evocation works within the GD and magical paths is fully detailed. To understand the process of evocation the reader is given a complete evocatory technique based on the Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram. If followed this technique will assist the reader to transform and remove their annoying habits and behavioural patterns. Previous published versions of this technique have been scant and lacking in the detailed inner work required to make it effective.

Chapter nine examines the misunderstood topic of initiation. The purpose of esoteric initiation is explained and the types of methods used to achieve effective initiation outlined. The complete Golden Dawn initiation schema is outlined and links made to the three-fold initiatory framework within nearly all Western magical systems. Each grade of initiation is then carefully explained in terms of its purpose, scope, effects and change of consciousness. Self initiation is discussed and the need for the reader, if working solo, to embrace all of the powers within the initiation ceremonies emphasised. These powers are then listed ready for solo work by the reader. The psychological and personal effects of initiation are then examined, along with the cumulative effects of initiation into the Golden Dawn tradition. A complete Golden Dawn practice and study curriculum is then outlined for the reader detailing the work and practices required for several years worth of spiritual practice and magic.

Chapter ten follows on from the discussion on initiation in chapter nine and focuses upon methods to link with the spiritual blessings of the Golden Dawn, or in other words its ‘magical currents’. A Golden Dawn connection ceremony is described in detail, listing the props and inner work required. This ceremony is simple and direct and can be performed by the reader after only a minimal time working through the curriculum described in chapter nine. The connection ceremony allows the reader a link with the magical currents and blessings of the Golden Dawn and encourages them to take an active part in maintaining this link. A solo method of daily or regular connection using a ‘password’ is then presented, this process is unavailable elsewhere. The Equinox Ceremony’s purpose, scope and inner work is examined and presented for the reader to use in a solo fashion in order to ensure seasonal connection with the Golden Dawn. Complete inner work is also provided along with an unpublished ritual to help the reader link to the four-fold cycle of nature.

The book closes with an after-word inviting the reader to share any spiritual blessings they receive from the Golden Dawn tradition with all people and all beings. Examples of statements and actions to help this sharing are also given.



  1. Rachael · April 6, 2008

    Hey this is great news indeed! Congrats!

  2. morgana · April 7, 2008

    Congratulations. Wonderful news. About bloody time too. Will the launch party/ritual/celebration be here or in England or both?

  3. azrael2008 · April 7, 2008

    This sounds amazing .Right teaching is hard to find and your writings are clear, precise and tempered with compassion for the learner.

    The long wait will enable you to savior the moment for the largest part of 08, enjoy!

    You are wise to anticipate that ‘they’ may promote the work in a sensational manner, however forewarned is forearmed. Nicki

  4. Asher Fryer · April 7, 2008

    I was fortunate enough a few years back to get a PDF copy of Peregrin’s work. I haven’t found a GD book yet that is quite the same, and I would predict it to become a very popular read and reference work. Like you say Peregrin, there are very few if any books that go into the details of the GD. Obviously its different if you are in an actual order. I wish you and it the greatest success, and hopefully a long life in many bibliographies! 🙂

  5. Lumina · April 20, 2008

    Conratulations Peregrin!
    I await with anticipation and excitement for you on this wonderful news.
    May this be the beginning of many publications of your amazing ability to teach and inspire the wider spiritual community in written form.

  6. Alyssa AnnMarie · July 10, 2008

    I am trying to track down the man who was the original perfumer for the Golden dawn, who made the consecration oil used in ceremonies.

    Do you have a clue, or a clue to what was in the oil?

    Peace and prosperity to all.

  7. Peregrin · July 10, 2008

    Hello Alyssa,

    I am sorry I have no information on this. Someone else may be able to help?

    I have never heard of the GD having a perfumer.

    Oil is not used in the Initiation Ceremonies or main rituals except to burn in the Lamps. This may have been perfumed in the original temples, I do not know. Most groups these days replace at least some of the lamps with candles.

    There is oil used in the 6=5 grade of the Stella Matutina’s Inner Order, as i recall. And I remember someone talking about Paul Foster Case’s Builders of the Adytum (BOTA) using scents in the grade ceremonies. However, these are not the GD.

    I would love to know where you have heard about the GD using perfume.

    peregrin 🙂

  8. Yehi Ratzon · September 1, 2008

    Say, is Thoth even still in business? Their “new” site ( or is still in “coming soon” status even though it was supposed to have debuted this past month. Also, doesn’t list any Thoth titles with publication dates later than June 1, and even that one (Nick Farrell’s _Egyptian Shaman_) hasn’t actually come out.

    Anyone know what’s up with them?

  9. Michael Ezra · September 13, 2008

    Please disregard my last comment; as of today the new Thoth site is up.

  10. Celia Acree · September 26, 2008

    Hi Peregrin:

    Only a few days ago (at the equinox) I was able to use the ‘Temple Room’ that my husband and I have created in our home. It was like going home – and it was an education in how much I don’t know.

    For some reason planning and working to get ready for the equinox brought you strongly to mind, and I hope you can guess how delighted I am to have found this site and to read that your book is going to be published.

    Where can I order a copy?? 🙂

    To add to the discussion above – probably long terminated by now – but my husband cannot (for reasons of health) tolerate smoke. When he is in the Temple we use essential oils in an oil burner. I think that’s a reasonable compromise.

    Many congratulations on the re-emergence of the Perth Order. I trust that everything is going well for everyone over there in WA Oz. FYI – I’m now in WA USA!!!

    I would love to hear from you.


  11. Simon · January 3, 2009

    Hi Peregrin,

    no updates from Thoth about the publication date? Nov 08 has come and gone.


  12. Adam Smith · March 26, 2009

    Greetings Peregrin,
    I went to the Thoth site to see any progress. It’s not even on there anymore.
    A month ago, it was, and I asked them if I could pre-order. They replied with no. Are they still handling it. I really would like to buy it, even if it was a pdf book.
    Adam Smith

  13. Peregrin · March 26, 2009

    Hi to all asking about BNAI

    *sigh* patience is a virtue I guess. Its been a long waiting game. As linked to in my last post it is there and has details about it. Go here:

    They are still reluctant to give an exact date.


  14. Adam Smith · April 11, 2009

    Ahhh, I couldn’t even find that link on the page, but that is great news, and I can be patient. Thanks again.

  15. Saskbound · May 20, 2009

    Really excited to see this come to print.

    Any way one can pre-order?

  16. Peregrin · May 20, 2009


    I will be excited once it finally comes out 🙂 Pre ordering should be possible soon with Thoth. Please just email Tom, for more details. The more emails he gets the faster it comes I think 🙂 Thanks 🙂

  17. Bill Johnson · August 4, 2009

    I went to that toth publishing website and you can no longer access it withoug members password what gives

    Aug 2 2009

  18. Marty Dell · August 7, 2009

    August 06 2009 and still no release date for the book.

    What would it take to buy a private copy of that book now.


  19. Saskbound · August 7, 2009

    Marty Dell Saith –

    “August 06 2009 and still no release date for the book.

    What would it take to buy a private copy of that book now.


  20. David · August 13, 2009

    Yeah i emailed them not long ago. They totally avoided my question, i can only guess it will come out when it comes out. Seriously though, it seems odd that Thoth of all publishers would continue to delay a book release without no good reason. They are constantly pushing out book number ++ of watered down magic, but refuse to publish probably the only new and original sounding material they can get they’re hands on.

    In one word…

  21. Peregrin · August 24, 2009

    Hi – well, to be fair to Tom at Thoth – BNAI is a very large work, probably his largest for some time and thus a bit to finance up front.. The books you refer to that they are pushing out are really resellers, not published by Thoth. Thoth pubslih very few new imprints. I think it is a monetary consideration: stay with the known authors and books that sell when times are tough. 🙂

  22. Peregrin · August 24, 2009

    Hi – I am going to try and get a definite date from Tom at Thoth. Failing that will consider PDFs on selected basis in exchange for a donation to charity, providing this does not conflict with my contract. Will let you know 🙂 ta.

  23. Peregrin · August 24, 2009

    Hi – sorry, that is not my experience of the website. if it continues email and let him know. ta 🙂

  24. Donna · October 24, 2009

    Great News Peregrin. It’s been a while in writing, editing, and waiting for publication. It is a credit to you that you have been patient with the David amongs the Goliaths’ and beleive me everyone it will be worth waiting for a true gift….
    Congrats 🙂 xxxx

  25. safyre · November 4, 2009

    Hey Peregrin
    Congratulations. Hope to see the book out soon. If you go the PDF route please count me in for a copy.
    love and best wishes, peace and clarity

  26. NICK · December 23, 2009

    It is indeed true! When the student is ready, the master will appear. I have been studying HOGD for some time now. Your book is the very assistance I need at this time. Where can I obtain a copy. I have no problem pubishing my email please respond as quickly as you can to:

    Thank you.

  27. Peregrin · December 23, 2009

    Hello Nick, it would be best to email the publishers, Thoth, directly and ask them:

    ta 🙂

  28. Saskbound · December 24, 2009

    As the book will not be coming out any definite time in the future, might you consider selling pdf’s of your book to those who are insistent? It is such a shame that it will not see the light any time soon in this situation. Id be happy to donate to yourself or to a charity of your choice to have an opportunity to obtain your book (even under a no -sharing or speaking of – clause.)

  29. Peregrin · December 30, 2009

    Hi Saskbound,

    I am still clarifying the legal situation with regard to pre-selling or supplying the book for donation before publication. Once we know, I will let you and others know. Thanks.

  30. Frater SV · February 7, 2010


    I admire you blog. Please count me in if you will sell your book in pdf.

    In LVX

    Frater SV

  31. Arcad · February 17, 2010

    Care Fra Peregrin,

    same here, please keep us updated about the release (may it be in print or as pdf)
    In L.V.X.

  32. Alex · February 22, 2010

    Please also inform me if I can obtain a copy of the book.


  33. David · June 8, 2010

    Any news yet?

  34. Peregrin · June 17, 2010

    Apparently it is being worked on at the moment 🙂 No date yet though 😦

  35. David · June 21, 2010

    Ohh, goody :D. I hope. Its been a while in the making. Fingers crossed :D.

    Also on that note, isn’t there anything you can do about, errm inspiring it to happen faster? 😉

  36. houston · August 1, 2010

    Please email when your book is available.

    Thank you very much

  37. houston · August 1, 2010

    Please email when your book becomes available


  38. Peregrin · August 1, 2010

    Sure will, thanks 🙂

  39. Michael · February 24, 2011

    I was just wondering if this book has been published yet. I also remember reading about a book by the same author with a different title in some Thoth publications advertisement. Is this the same book?

    Hope all is well and the book is published soon,


  40. Celia Acree · March 27, 2011

    Hi Peregrin: Still hoping to buy a copy of your book and still haven’t seen it anywhere. Has Thoth published it yet? I really enjoyed the copy you sent to me and am hoping to get the published version as soon as it is available.

    Hope all is well – K

  41. Peregrin · April 6, 2011

    Hi Celia,

    Tom is still lagging… 😦 Email him again, please 🙂 Ta

  42. Celia Acree · June 3, 2011

    I emailed twice Peregrin, and no response has been received. Very disappointing!!! I am looking forward to having a bound copy on my shelves – some day!!

  43. Frater SV · June 5, 2011

    I have also mailed him. Maybe it is time to change publisher?

    Frater SV

  44. Rod Ros · September 25, 2011

    Please notify me, too. This book sounds fantastic.

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  48. Gnostica Verita · December 18, 2012

    In my opinion, the “Golden Dawn” — and similar popular ceremonial systems — was meant to introduce the world to the existence of authentic and secret occult “schools,” in a somewhat tabloid-information kind of way. It’s an initiatory school — in a manner — in that it awakens in its students only that faint inkling that there must be something back of the gestures and formulas within an occult lodge operating in strict secrecy, which, in the popularized or secularized Golden Dawn, or Golden-Dawn-like, practices is empty or none at all. I’m talking about cult-reservoirs, in the sense of Franz Bardon. It’s a verifiable fact, even of common experience. Think about the “force” of habits, addictions, and other kinds strong fixations. Imitation of other people’s habits do not immediately produce the same affects. My point is, there is not much “value” in imitation, except possibly what you — expect — to get from it. In short, it’s simply a matter of voluntarily modifying one’s state of awareness — and Golden Dawn, and ceremonial systems on the same level, are just beating around the bush with all its “magical formulas.” I’m one with Rudolf Steiner in his remark that the G.D. order is “decorative”.

    I’m not theorizing this. I also practiced Golden Dawn techniques for 6 years — twice daily — with few misses — for 20 minutes a day — got things in the way of thaumaturgy — projected involuntarily from my bed room to the periphery of the Earth — until I was gradually stripped of my ideas about the grandeur of the G.D. (I attribute this mass phenomenon, mainly to Regardie) while being led towards the certain Yoga system.

  49. Gnostica Verita · December 18, 2012


    … until I was gradually stripped of my ideas about the grandeur of the G.D. (I attribute this mass phenomenon, mainly to Regardie) while being led towards — a — certain Yoga system.

    Anyway, this is just — my — opinion. I’m not saying that ceremonial systems, in general, are magically ineffective. I’m only referring to the Golden Dawn and derivatives of it. I don’t know how people practice their Pentagram and Middle Pillar rituals, and not even begin to ask — persistently — why it is working or not, even after, say, 5 years of daily work. Doing so, they might eventually realize that — nothing — at all is certain, except the one that is most intimate to them, their “I”. After this finding this, the stripping off of illusions will begin, which can not be stopped by anything, even if its name is Golden Dawn.

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