A collection of posts relating to our home – Perth, Western Australia, its Land, people, magic and spirit. 🙂


I Come From a Lodge Down Under

Response to Ronald Hutton – Revisionism and Counter-Revisionism

Interview with Robert Buratti – Crowley, Art and the Esoteric

Pagan misunderstandings of Christianity (again) and a new WA Pagan Mag

Esoteric Perth

Mystery Cycles in Perth – the Land, Christian and Solar

Practicing the Buddha Dharma in Perth




  1. Anoymous · January 3

    As a both a professional musician, and a practitioner
    of magic for three decades, I had to say that your article did
    truly strike a chord.
    Truly, a insightful read.
    I knew not, some of that
    which you mentioned, but
    the context clues helped me.
    You are a very talented writer.
    Really – a meagre thank you is
    all I wanted to offer.
    You have really helped
    to set me back on my feet,
    and as an altruistic person,
    I profoundly appreciate that!
    I am grateful! Be blessed and
    be well; and be whole.

    Very Respectfully,

  2. Peregrin · January 4

    Thank you for these very kind comments … much appreciated 🙂

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