Magical Action to Increase Compassion towards Asylum Seekers and Refugees in Australia

This is part of an initiative I have started to…well, the title says it all 🙂

I will be inviting all and sundry on Facebook to be part of this – and you good MOTO folk here also 🙂 And please, even if you are not Australian, feel free to be part of the magic. I have a nice little outline of the plan and all in good pdf form HERE.

Of course, since some folk like to just read on screen, I will paste the text below also.

This form of magic obviously does not abide easily with the fourth side of the pyramid – silence. The symbol and principles are out there. However, the individual methods people and groups choose, the names of their sacred One(s), contacts and Gods are not on display. So please keep yours mum too 🙂

In my personal experience I have had mixed success with magic like this. As I recount in this post a similar initiative over ten years ago concerning the forthcoming Iraq war failed dismally. However, as I say in this other post:

In my experience the best and most successful forms of practical magic are those performed collectively for altruistic purposes and which work in alliance with spiritual beings under the presidency of the higher powers. These are keys elements: a collegiate experience to go beyond the self; altruistic and transpersonal intentions; working in harmony with beings in the other realms where we at best can but blunder around, and; an attitude of surrender to the One.

And this current magic ticks all these boxes. I’ve seen some wonderful results from this form of magic, as well as failures. So we will see on this one…but remember magic is like hugging a tar baby; it affects the magician as much as it does the world. So working inwardly, magically and working hard and non-personally for compassion will affect each of us and move us towards a more compassionate state. And that can’t be bad! 🙂 THANKS 🙂

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  • This is for everyone concerned about the current government’s actions in regards to asylum seekers and refugees in Australia. Polling suggests this is well over half the population.
  • While magic is predominately the realm of Witches, Magicians, Pagans, Druids and others, the invitation is here for any and all people to help open the group mind of Australia towards compassion for those seeking refuge.
  • This form of magic does not impede on anyone’s sovereign will. But it does provide opportunities for change should there be an inclination towards that change.
  • The daily reports of appalling conditions in offshore detention centres, the military style secrecy of the Australian government, the universal and repeated condemnation of these centres and practices by international sources and the increasing whistleblowing by those working in these centres is a concern for all Australians.
  • These actions by the Australian government are supported by choices and non-choices we have made and are currently making; as individuals, as groups and as a nation.
  • From a magical point of view these choices ultimately stem from the fabric of the collective unconscious, the hidden side of culture and society where our deepest assumptions and beliefs lie. We have all experienced transformation from reworking the weave of our own inner depths. We facilitate these changes in others through initiation, prayer and healing. Now we need to go broader and work directly with our nation and our culture.



To increase compassion towards asylum seekers and refugees within the Australian group mind.


Everyone is invited to contribute to this magic which will be conducted in five phases from 9 January to roughly 7 February. The magic centres around the symbol below as a representation of compassion in balance within the Australian group mind and as a focus for the intention given above (please see ‘Notes on the Symbol’ below).

Compassion Australia web 96 J

PHASE 1 – SPREADING THE WORD (January 9 – 16). During this week, please share this invitation to all magical people you know, far and wide, personally, via social media and other means.

PHASE 2 – CREATING THE SYMBOL (On or around Full Moon, January 16). The symbol is created within the ‘astral’, inner realm and strongly exists ‘above’ Australia, and is ‘ALIVE’.

PHASE 3 – CHARGING THE SYMBOL (January 16-26). Additional magic is done to empower the symbol.

PHASE 4 – BIRTHING THE SYMBOL (On or around Australia Day, January 26). Magic is conducted to ‘bring down’ the symbol into the group mind of Australia.

Time of ‘gestation’ (January 27-31)

PHASE 5 – PRACTICAL ACTION (On or shortly after New Moon, January 31). Practical action such as letter writing to earth the magic.


  • Those skilled in magic can readily apply the principles below and should work as they normally do.
  • All magic should ‘start grounded and finish grounded’. This is very important. It means we begin connected to the earth, knowing ourselves and our boundaries, and we finish the same way. Grounding is normally one of the first skills taught in most magical traditions. Grounding exercise examples can be found here.
  • Another key point is that straight after grounding we connect with our Sacred One(s) and ask them for assistance in the magic.

Creating the Symbol

  • Visualisation is the key here. After grounding and asking your Sacred One(s) for assistance, strongly visualise the symbol. Keep in mind the intention. Once the symbol is strong, see it grow larger and larger and rise to fill the air above the whole of Australia. Keep visualising for as long as possible.
  • At this time experienced folk around the country will be working deep magic to create the symbol on the inner realms, so it will be easy for you to add your bit by simply visualising.
  • When finished visualising, thank your Sacred One(s) and spend some time grounding.
  • More experienced magicians can use other methods to create the symbol. A group can use dance, ritual, chant etc. to empower the symbol. Wiccan groups and couples can raise the cone of power or use the Great Rite.

Charging the Symbol

  • Magic here involves two forms of action. Firstly, the aims and hopes of the people of Australia to make a compassionate society are directed ‘upward’ into the symbol. Secondly, the blessings of the spiritual powers and beings we are working with are also directed into the symbol. These may be seen as being directed ‘downward’ into the symbol, but only because these beings are transpersonal not because they are ‘beyond the earth’.
  • So in meditation, in ritual, in group or solo settings, we charge the symbol in these two ways.
  • As individuals (after grounding and asking for assistance) we know ourselves to be representative of the thousands of others in our locales that wish for a more compassionate Australia. As representatives, we imagine ourselves taking their thoughts, wishes and love, as well as our own, into the symbol. We may create a chant to help with this.
  • We then pray and ask our Sacred One(s) to bless the symbol. We see their love and power and light enter and enliven the symbol. We do this for as long as possible as on each day in this phase, if possible.
  • Remember to thank your Sacred One(s) and ground at the end of each session.
  • If you are in a magical group, create sacred space. Have one or two people in each direction. Raise energy and go into trance. Consciously identify the quarters of the circle with the quarters of your city; see the east of the circle as and overlapping with the east of the city and so on – so that your circle IS your city. The people at the quarters now open themselves to represent the people within that quarter of the city. In trance they collect and channel the good wishes and intentions of the people of the city. They direct these, in unison with the rest of the group, into the symbol above Australia.
  • Now invoke in your usual manner your Sacred One(s) and see them enter the symbol with their love and power and light to enliven the symbol. Thank your Sacred One(s), close your sacred space and ground as normal.

Birthing the Symbol

  • We do this on Australia Day, when our nation is self-conscious and open to influence.
  • Again, after our preparation, we visualise the symbol. Once it is strong we again ask for the blessings of our Sacred One(s) to enter the symbol. We repeat our intention strongly. Then we slowly and clearly see the symbol come ‘down’ to cover the whole of Australia. We see it enter the group mind of Australia – see it enter the land, the towns, people in your neighbourhood, people in your city, politicians and media people.
  • Then clearly see the symbol produce results – these may be visualised as you wish, for example newspaper headlines like, ‘Australia Leads the Way with Refugees’ or ‘PM’s New Approach to Asylum Seekers Heralded by UN’. Or see people you know who are not now compassionate expressing compassionate thoughts. Use some clear and simple visualisation that shows the completed magic. Hold this visualisation for as long as possible.
  • Once again, when finished, thank your Sacred One(s) and ground.
  • In a group setting the ‘birthing’ process can take many forms from a group meditation to a full ceremony. Wiccans may like to link the birth to the Great Rite:
  • The Coven once again creates the circle as their city. Then the Priestess and Priest will take on the Gods, standing centre circle. Then the Coven will dance the Cone around them and draw the symbol down to just ‘above’ the Priestess and Priest who then perform the Great Rite, birthing the symbol into the Cakes and Wine. These are then shared with the Coveners, who are representative of the city, and thereby take the symbol and magic into the whole city. Some Cakes and Wine should also be offered to the four quarters of the city by people who live nearby.
  • Other methods of birthing will present themselves to experienced magicians.

Practical Action

  • We leave the symbol to affect the group mind of Australia from birthing (26 January) through the dark moon until the new moon (31 January). This is an important period where the ‘ferment’ of the magic grows.
  • On and after new moon is the time for practical action to fully ground and make the magic work on the material level. Without doing something physical the magic will not work. Suggestions include:
  • Speaking to people about the issues; sharing accurate information;
  • Writing letters to the media;
  • Writing letters and contacting politicians clearly stating how you wish things to change;
  • Creating a simple flyer and letterbox dropping it for a few streets around your home;
  • Donating to various Refugee and Asylum Seeker advocacy groups; and
  • Volunteering at refugee agencies.
  • Groups may like to spend a night writing letters and emails. Each member is assigned one letter to write (to local MPs, the Prime Minister, the Immigration Minister Etc.). They bring along a template, and all of the group copy and write and sign all the letters. These are sealed and stamped and magic done to bless them before posting.
  • On all letters or emails it would be good to include the symbol as this will help bring the magic to the fore for those reading it. The symbol can be found here: small (jpg), large (png), for letters (jpg).


  • The symbol expresses the intention. Yes, it is a little twee, but we want it to be simple and clear for people from all traditions and backgrounds.
  • The colours are from the Australian Flag to help link to the Australian group mind.
  • The blue in this case represents the raw consciousness of Australia, which we act on and inspire.
  • The red heart represents the compassion we are seeking, rising out of the raw consciousness.
  • The Southern Cross represents the Australian soul, now surrounded by compassion. It also can be used to bring in the stellar forces for those working this form of magic
  • The presence of the symbols of the Sun and Moon represent the balanced approach to refugees and asylum seekers. The symbols also represent the binaries of the Goddess/God for Wiccans and other polarities for those working them.



This is Australia

This is a quick expansion of a post I made on Facebook today. It was written gonzo style – apart from obvious spelling mistakes, this is the first and only draft 🙂

Tonight millions of good folk around Australia will celebrate Australia Day. There will be fireworks, parties, music, drunkenness, violence, racism, rapes and much litter. All in all, pretty average for ‘national days’ across the world. I wish to quickly look at Australia Day, and by extension other national days of former European Colonies, from an esoteric perspective.

Today, 26th January, commemorates the day a group of armed British folk sailed into what is now known as Sydney Cove, landed and gave the symbolic finger to Dutch by declaring British sovereignty over the entire eastern seaboard of this continent. This land was now ‘British’, despite having bugger all to do with the Brits. This was a mental level declaration – that is all – and a very nascent one at that.

Decades later, as more British arrived and maps were made and the word ‘Australia’ began to be used throughout the world to represent this portion of physical land, the mental level concept really began to take hold. These days, the world over, this continent ‘is’ Australia. We all know this – well except Julia Gillard, our beloved PM. Recently, in a cynical attempt to prevent legal asylum seekers claiming their rights on this land-mass she excised the entire Australian mainland from the Australian migration zone. Yes, that’s right – this is Australia except in the mental concept of migration, where Australia has ceased to exist.

This mental concept of the country ‘Australia’ has of course been brought down and operates now on the astral-emotional level. When we move across the land, from city to city and town to town, we not only have the mental conception ‘this is Australia’, but we also feel and react as if it is. There is a feeling, a lower astral interaction at this level that supports and reinforces the mental concept of this country. Each country has its own astral-emotional ‘feel’ and the different regions in a country their own version or flavour of this ‘feel’.

Energetically, on the etheric level we can also partake of Australia, though this is very much dependant on many factors, as the etheric ‘soup’ our etheric bodies live and move within is seldom vitalised with coherence by the higher planes. The times when it is are nearly always times when the individual is subsumed to some degree by the group –like an Australian Day celebration. The conscious choice to celebrate communally (mental level) together with the pleasant astral-emotional feelings and national pride or jingoism produces an excellent low level subsumption and our etheric bodies can merge a little and ‘Australia’ enters. Add a nice dose of booze to affect the etheric-physical  interface and we’re laughing. The ‘energy’ of a good Australia Day fireworks with hundreds of thousands of people is what keeps people going back year after year. At least that’s what they tell me…and they use the word ‘energy’ too 🙂

Despite this occasional etheric level existence of ‘Australia’ as a nation, it has never been earthed into the ever-living Land. This is because as a nation, as culture we do not recognise the Land and work with her. Indeed this is partly why we are so very good at doing all sorts of nasty things to the land, and more particularly her first people, who were still classified as fauna in 1963 and who still have lives more nasty, short and brutish than the non-indigenous.

This lack of working with, opening to and accepting the Land has huge consequences. Again I quote some words from an inner plane contact several years back. It makes sense to us 🙂

The Land is dynamic and alive as a being or spirit, just as its inhabitants, both the seen and the unseen, are. The harbingers of any new mode of thought or spiritual current that seek to proselytize within a land other than the native soil from which it arose, must humbly approach the land and drive the current into the soil, placing the new impetus deep within. This is the mystery shown forth by St Joseph of Arimetha, planting his staff, directing inward the new Christian force into the Holy Isle, linking Christ Himself to our Land, so He may become, as the soil beneath us, our beloved and our bedrock…

If the new religion does not drive itself into the land, it will forever be an alien force and presence. The nature spirits and those known as the Fey or the Kingdom of Faery and even the elementals will withhold their blessings, without whom the life of man is sterile and the foundation of the spiritual life misshapen or weak. The results of such sterility may be seen by examining the spread and disintegration of Christianity within the new Lands such as the Americas, no single denomination having become a wayfarer or shining example…

Just as a foreign religion must link to a new Land, so too must a migrating race. A race forgoing this delving into the depths of the soil will forever be bereft and alien within the Land they call home. They shall be cut off from the deep forces and the Land will constantly be an irritant to such a nation, seeking to expel it as the immune system does a micro-biotic invader. The results produce a race of alienated people without home or hearth within the soul, which becomes brittle and distorted…

This is why the actual Land remains a mystery to us and remains under the stewardship of the first peoples, the local aboriginals whose concept, work and love of the Land remain. This is why the Land is theirs, and not the nation’s. And take a look at this map.

Each of these areas is a country – hundreds of countries existing – in the Land – within this single conceptual, emotional and occasionally energetic ‘Australia’. Each of these countries has it own people, stories, spirits, markers, and to use a magical term, egregore. The mental and astral level countries may have been forgotten, may have been subsumed or removed, but the reality of the egregore in the Land remains. This is why when city folk step away from their comfort zones and into the outback we may find ourselves in what seems to be an alien Land.

This is why the now common ‘Welcome to Country’ ceremony, performed by indigenous elders as representatives of the Land are so important and why they work, deeply offering an opportunity for effective inclusion of the non-indigenous into the Land. So what if they are a recent innovation – historically they were not needed. We need all we can to help realise the true nature of the Land we live in, and Australia Day may be a good day to start 🙂 Thanks.

Australia Day and the Group Soul.

For the past few years the annual Australia day celebrations have troubled me. Each year I see more displays of a false, in-your-face aggressive patriotism, particularly by younger people. There are more flags – as flags, as beach towels, stubby holders, eskies, underwear and bikinis. I’m waiting for the Australian Flag glow-in-the-dark condom.

This year I was reminded of some scenes from Mad Max as I stumbled across several drunken, aggressive groups of half naked youth with ‘tribal’ Australian makeup over their faces. The words “Australia – ya fuckin’ beauty” were scrawled in letters five feet high on a wall near my local beach.

From an esoteric viewpoint what I perceive is the partial manifestation of a dark, violent undercurrent within the group soul of Australia. After all, our young nation still carries the scars of the violence and racism which allowed colonization (or invasion) in the first place. The shallow grave of our violent, racist past spills open periodically and we are then all aghast at the results – such as the Cronulla Riots in 2005.

Australia Day, rather than being a day of unity and expression of a collective – the nation – which transcends the self towards a higher, social goal, is becoming a festival where the shadow is allowed some form of expression. In the guise of celebrating the nation, acts like public drunkenness, nakedness, aggression and scapegoating are legitimized. It is all rather like the medieval Feast of Fools or the ancient Roman Saturnalia.

I really do not want to sit back and just let this happen, but am at a loss of where to begin a critique, let alone how to help change the situation. Of course, I could be wrong here. But my reading of the nature of our group soul and the occulted violence within it tells me that one year, quite soon, Australia Day will be marked by some shameful, bloody happenings. Any ideas, anyone?