A bevy of brilliant blogs

I have been up in the country a fair bit, practicing and doing cunning craft bits and bobs, and only just catching up on things in magical cyberspace.

For those who have not seen them, here are some links to some great GD and Magic blogs recently.

  • Olen Rush continues to shine with a number of posts on the RR et AC material. Check out the Cross of Victory slideshow links. While at his blog, also look at the Enochian Vault and Sigils of the Scales posts. All of these posts are excellent and show the depth of the GD / RR et AC tradition and how an adept interacts with it. Olen himself is wise, passionate, committed and shares deeply and freely his ideas and extensive knowledge. Not bad for someone who some folk hint does not exist! So, a virtual raising of the glasses to Olen, please 🙂
  • Mike continues to ‘prattle’ on with the first part of a personal post on the interconnections between visionary experience and magic. Mike has also completed and shared 50 lovely art pieces inspired by our magical traditions. Check them out here. Thanks, Mike 🙂
  • As well as defending common sense, courtesy, rationality and decency in her blog, Path to the Stars, Deanna Bonds has found time to write a truly engaging post, The Dark Side of Light. It reminds me of the old meditational point, “Light is the shadow of God” which really did my head in as a young neophyte.

If I’ve missed someone, no offence is meant. There is a lot of great GD and magical stuff out at the moment. Of course, there is the normal trash too, of which the less said the better. Thanks 🙂